Essential Oils for Cough & Congestion – How & When to Use

Everyone believes that a pesky cough is always irritating. There are several studies that show that the standard medications for treating cough are always not effective. There are several other ways to get rid of cough and congestion. One of those is using essential oil for cough. There is a great variety of doTerra oils for cough you can use. This will really make you get rid of your cough and sour throat. Make sure that each of the oils works differently. But the essential oil good for cough. There is a certain essential oil recipe for cough you have to consider to get beneficial outcomes. Consider essential oils for dry cough, congestion, and such other diseases are quite profitable for overall health too. 


Actually, essential oils are also a tool type thing that you can always have on hand for

treating annoying cough strikes. 


essential oils for cough


Seven Essential Oils To Fight Cough:

Here listing down the seven best essential oils for cough along with its details. This may

help you in choosing the essential oil good for cough. 



Eucalyptus Oil

essential oils for dry coughEucalyptus oil is quite exceptional for the treatment of upper respiratory infections that also includes cough and congestion. There are a lot of medical specialists who recommend eucalyptus oil for the treatment of respiratory issues like bronchitis, sinusitis, and pharyngitis. This essential oil is also substantial because of its enhanced effects on the immune system. It works as an efflux pump inhibitor, affects on the body to make it able to deal with bacteria. 

Eucalyptus oil is also useful as an anti-TB drug. A lot of medications available on medical

stores contain eucalyptus, as it is adequate to improve congestion. This is also one of the

essential oils for a kid’s cough



Cinnamon Essential Oil


 young living oil for coughWe all know that cinnamon is commonly used as a spice in cooking and baking. But it has a history to help bronchitis. One study explains that the cinnamon essential oil is great for soothing respiratory tract pathogens only if it gets out in gaseous form for a short span. This oil is excellent to fight against specific bacteria reproduction. 



Rosemary Essential Oil


rosemary oil

This is one other essential oils for cough treatment. Rosemary is a common plant that is

found all over the globe. It is liable to calm down the muscles of your trachea and relieving

respiratory issues. According to a study, it is also valid for asthma. Most commonly, it gets

mixed with any carrier oil and then applied to the skin.



Peppermint Essential Oil


peppermint natural oilPeppermint contains quite a strong smell, but because of its menthone and menthol aspects, it is also one of the best essential oils for dry cough and considered as a decongestant. People reported that inhaling peppermint oil really makes them feel better. There is not a lot of researches or studies present to evident the working of peppermint oil for cough and congestion. 


Lemon Essential Oil


lemon essential oilAlong with the fantastic smell of lemon, it also has the components to calm down your blood vessels. This is really helpful for cough, so it is also an essential oil good for cough. Lemon essential oil is suitable to use with a carrier oil to make it dilute. Its bonus is that you can use it as a citrusy perfume too. 


Tea Tree Essential Oil


tea tree oil
Mostly Tea Tree essential oil gets used for the treatment of laundry and hair. But it is also potential as anti-infectious oil. This is one other significant essential oils for dry cough and congestion. It’s decongestive and expectorant components are really appreciable. You can simply use it with the combination of carrier oil and rub it onto your neck and chest.


Nutmeg Essential Oil


nutmeg essential oil , doterra oils for coughThere is a study that shows that inhaling nutmeg essential oil is helpful for decreasing the respiratory tract fluid. You may think that nutmeg essential oil will be different when it comes to respiratory issues. But it is great to know that it is also useful for treating congestion and other such problems. You can easily use it by adding it to your diffuser to help out your cough. 



Thyme Essential Oil


thyme essential oil , doterra oils for cough

Thyme essential oil is a part of doTerra oils for cough. It is also potent to fight cough and

congestion. Its components include antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant. Such of its

components make it practical for cough. You can consume thyme essential oil within your

tea or rub it on your chest after diluting it with any carrier oil like coconut oil. 


Ways To Use Essential Oil for Helping Cough and Congestion:

Most of the time, we suffer from cough because of colds, allergies, dry air, or flu. It is quite

easy to get rid of it. You should reach out for doTerra oils for cough. It is always

recommended because of its high-level effectiveness. 

But there is a specific essential oil recipe for cough you have to consider to really make the

most out of it. These are the ways you can use as an essential oil recipe for cough and get

rid of all your respiratory issues.



 Make a DIY Vapor Rub

vapo patch , doterra oils for coughDo you remember that sweet relief you feel after Vicks in your childhood? Well, you can still get that same soft chest comfort by making a bit of effort. Consider taking oils for coughs like thyme, eucalyptus, tea tree that are effective to help mucus, calm the body, and relax your congestion and sore throat. 

You can simply add 15 to 18 drops of oil in one ounce unscented lotion. You can combine

any of the essential oils according to your preference. Essential oils work externally or

when you inhale. Therefore, you have to inhale in the vapors while you are rubbing the

lotion to your neck and chest. 



Do a Steam Bowl

People advise having steam inhalation whenever you have a terrible cold. For this, you have to add one drop of eucalyptus oil in a glass or bowl, having 4 to 6 cups of steaming water. Eucalyptus is a natural decongestant that is helpful to break down mucus and open your passageways. Cover up your head and close your eyes (don’t allow the vapors to enter your eyes), and take deep breaths. You can do this for about ten minutes, two times a day. Besides eucalyptus oil, you can also use black spruce or tea tree. 



Take a Scented and Steamy Shower


shower steamers , doterra oils for coughYes, you can use essential oils in your shower too. Additionally, inhaling steamy, scented hair will also be a great thing for helping cough. Simply you can warm the water as much you can bear and put several drops of essential oil into the floor behind the shower stream where the water does not go directly. For this, you can use Eucalyptus oil, pine oil, tea tree oil for relieving your cough. 


Commonly Asked Questions:


What essential oils stop coughing?

There are a lot of essential oils that can stop your cough. But the most effective ones are eucalyptus oil, rosemary oil, peppermint oil, and lemon oil. 


How do you use peppermint oil for a cough?

To relieve your cough, peppermint oil is a great choice. You can use it by putting that into your steam bath or direct inhaling. You can also apply peppermint oil externally, but make sure to mix it with any carrier oil or lotion then rub it directly on your skin. 


How do I use eucalyptus essential oil for a cough?

There are a lot of ways to help cough from eucalyptus oil. You can rub it on your chest and neck along with a lotion or carrier oil to dilute it. You can also inhale it through steam for 10 minutes turnaround time daily. 


What gets rid of a persistent cough?

There are several medications and remedies you can use to get rid of a persistent cough. But I will recommend you to use doTerra oils for cough as there aren’t any side effects for it. Furthermore, essential oils are also helpful to make your whole body and mind calm and relax. It is even effective for several other ways too. 


Why am I coughing all the time?

There are dozens of conditions that can result in a cough. The five most common reasons for coughing are postnasal drip, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease, chronic bronchitis, and TB. If you are continually coughing for more than three days, then immediately reach out to your doctor.


Summing It Up:

Essential oils are a great help for cough and congestion. Make sure always to dilute the essential oil you are using, or it can result in side effects. There are a lot of doTerra oils for cough you can consider. Use the methods mentioned above as the essential oil recipe for cough. If you are also suffering from persistent congestion and cough, then begin using essential oil for dry cough.

Also, let us know how it becomes useful to you. 

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