Electronic Monitoring System (EMS)  is introduced in Pakistan to resolve the complaints and provide relevant information to pilgrims during Hajj. In Islamabad, the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony with the collaboration of Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has launched an electric monitoring system (EMS).

The reason behind this launch is to help the pilgrims resolve the queries they face during Hajj in an effective manner. According to reports, a proper Helpline is formed that will listen to the complaints of Hujjaj and then respond to those inquiries. This helpline also provides information that is relevant.

Electronic Monitoring System for Hujjaj

In this regard, the ministry has formed an Android Application named “Pak Hajj Muavin”. They have also launched an SMS, mobile service also under the name “Pak Hajj Guide”. Ministry officials said on Monday that this mobile SMS service is going to allow the pilgrims to verify the authenticity of the private tours. In this way pilgrims will be protected against any type of unauthorized service provider.

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The spokesperson for the religion, ministry, Imran Siddiqui further provided details about this SMS service to Arab News. Pilgrims has only need to send an SMS to “8331” and get details about their registered private Hajj tour operators.

Whereas, through the online complaint registration portal, Hujjaj’s will be able to register their complaints. There is a built-in transferring mechanical system in this Hajj monitoring system. This mechanism will automatically transfer the unresolved complaints to the next level to get resolved through effective measures.

This electronic monitoring system (EMS) for Hajj operations aims at checking and reviewing the performance of the Government and Hajj Group Organizers (HGOSs). This mechanism will help them ensure that in Pakistan and Kingdom Saudi Arabia (KSA) their performance is in accordance to Hajj rules and contractual obligations.

Well, according to reports, the government is planning to update and add a further relevant module to Hajj Group Organizers-Management Information System (HGO-MIS) to strengthen the whole system.

During 2013, Punjab Information and Technology Board (PITB) have first introduced the Hajj monitoring system, but have now updated it in 2019. With the newly added updates, the queries and complaints of Hujjaj will be processed and resolved in an effective way by the authorities.

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