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Do you remember the fun filled eids of childhood, we all miss them. As we grow old Eid has become more like a routine, we dress up pray eid prayer and the rest of the day is same old predictable routine of eat, sleep make small talk with relatives and repeat. There should be some fun things to do on eid, to make it all the more special. We have come up with some eid celebration idea to answer the question what to do on eid day.

Eid Celebration Ideas To Make This Eid Special

Here are some fun things to do on eid,

Clean and Prepare the House:

Clean the house for the occasion, divide chores among each other to enjoy the cleaning spree more. You can also make it a competition between siblings.

Once the house is spotless, decorate it, change the curtains and the beddings, hang some  decorations or an Eid Mubarak banner. New plants, couple of fresh or artificial flowers and some fairy light to brighten the house

Involve the Kids:

Involve kids in everything, from thinking up ideas for what to do on eid to executing them. Use their brilliant eid celebration ideas to make them feel the essence of Eid. Give them small chores to clean or decorate the house. They can make gifts and cards for each other. Tell them stories about how Eid in your childhood used to be.

Get New Clothes:

Getting new clothes and accessories for Eid is a trend that we follow heatedly. Not only Kids but the ladies of the house to enjoy this shopping season to prepare for eid. Traditionally bangles and henna is an essential part of eid celebrations and add festivity to the event.

Cook Some Amazing Food:

Cook special food on Eid, make it a treat at home. Lay out the dining table nicely like a fancy restaurant. Try to make this eid a special time to bond over food.

Watch a Movie Together:

You can go to a cinema and watch the latest blockbuster with your family or bring the cinema home and watch something may be a movie from the memory lane together.

Head out for a Picnic:

Even better, an amazing eid celebration idea is to hit the road. Go out for a nice picnic. Pack your picnic basket with enough food and head out to the beach or a nice park.

More Fun Things to Do This Eid:

Bored of thinking what to do on eid day. Who said you have to be homebound for eid and only meet and greet relatives. Make the eid thrilling with fun activities, go to wall climbing, bounce Karachi, bowling or other family activities and enjoy the most. Play land trip for kids is another good option.


Share Gifts:

Share your joys by sharing gifts, pack them nicely and start your day by gifting them to your family. You can make small eddi envelops and candies filled goody bags for children too.

The thought behind this eid celebration idea is to make it inclusive for all, hence the sadqa-tul-filter is obligatory on all Muslims. We should find more ways to make eid special for the less privileged, make small Eid goodie bags for poor people and children still working on Eid. Get them new outfits, slippers or some goodies. Anything that falls in your budget.

Meet Relatives or Invite them Over:

If you are still at a loss as to what to do on Eid, don’t forget the big family dinner, meet and greet everyone. Make special food for them and take a gift along with you, when you go to meet them. You can go for traditional gifts like henna and bangles or some jewelry and Mithai.

In a Nutshell:

Eid is all about celebration not just with your friends and family but with everybody.

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