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One of the powerful committees is under the charge of PCB chief Ehsan Mani. F&CA appointment is not the first time for Ehsan Mani. He was the Chairman of Finance and Commercial Affairs Committee from 1996 to 2002. During that period Ehsan Mani worked best in the interest of ICC. His efforts brought financial benefits to the ICC.

Ehsan Mani successfully managed the ICC broadcast rights deal.  That deal was worth 550 million dollars for ICC.

Ehsan Mani’s appointment has put an end to the dominance of the big three countries on the commercial affairs of ICC.

ICC’s Finance and Commercial Affairs Committee are a powerful committee. It deals, decides, and look over on all financial matters Of Cricket events under the ICC. This Committee is responsible for all economic activities of ICC events and distribution of money in the member nations of ICC.

Present members of the Finance and Commercial Affairs committee are  Indra Nooyi (independent director, Amitab Chaudhry (BCCI is acting Secretary), Chris Nenzani (CSA chairman), Imran Khawaja (ICC vice-chairman), Earl Eddings (CA chairman), Collin Graves (ECB chairman). ICC Chairman Shashank Manohar and ICC’s Chief Executive Officer Manu Sawhney are not members, but they will sit in the Committee.

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ICC Chairman Shashank Manohar recommended the appointment of Ehsan Mani.

Ehsan Mani held this portfolio in the past and performed well, and this may be the reason for his recent selection. During his first tenure, he struck several media rights deals for ICC. Later in 2006, Ehsan Mani became the President of ICC and sold ICC media rights to ESPN sports for 1.1 billion dollars. That was a massive success for ICC.

The PCB Chief (Chairman) is handling two posts at a time. He is managing PCB’s chairmanship, and now, he is going to serve in ICC.

The appointment of the Pakistani Cricket Board Chief will bring respect to Pakistan. It is hoped that issues related to Pakistani loss of international cricket will be tackled more seriously. Maybe the efforts of him will bring business and international cricket in Pakistan.



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