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Paktales is a Platform that covers unbiased analysis for its readers. Through this platform, we help our readers get the latest news and reviews about Technology, Telecommunication, Business, and Automobiles. Paktales is a unique house publishing online content related to Lifestyle, Health and, Fitness, Sports, Beauty, Fashion, and entertainment. For questions about the existing content or any technical issues, please contact us at hello@adzomedia.com . For information about becoming a content partner and guest posting, please send your queries to hello@adzomedia.com. The editorial Policy of Paktales can be read Below.


The mission of the Paktales is to provide a possible and easiest way for their readers to access the news around the globe and in Pakistan. All the content uploaded on Paktales is accurate and authorized from multiple sources.


Paktales provides information and news from all industries, technologies, and applications. The content has news, articles (featured), how-to guides, case studies, blogs, headlines, and videos supplied with great accuracy to the readers.

Paktales Editorial Objective is to provide relevant news and information to its readers. We also offer a forum for advancement in the Tech and reviewing industry. We are fair, precise, concise, comprehensive, and objective in our content, from blogs and articles to videos. Our main goal is to provide information to the readers that are accurate and interesting enough and drive their genuine attention towards the content. We are using various sources to provide truthful information on the topics we cover.

  1. Our Editorial informs our audience of news, information, and prescriptions for our domains. Our goal is to provide unbiased content to the readers and ensure that the information we publish is highly relevant and accurate.
  2. Paktales House Provides open criticism and welcomes authentic feedback from its readers.
  3. The writers at Paktales tend to publish only the information that interests our readers; the content doesn’t serve as an advertisement tool for a product, service, or company; the content is truthful and not malicious or rebellious in any predicted way.
  4. Paktales also encourages its readers and people around the industry to contribute to articles and blogs.
  5. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in our readers’ guest posts and articles. The information was checked at the time before publication, but there is no authenticity of the information to be truthful.
  6. Once a content item is published, the house immediately reveals the authenticity of the information provided by contacting the featured individuals.
  7. We are eager to offer higher standards of accuracy in our content. Our policy strives for immediate correctness as soon as any error in the content is identified and verified.
  8. Opinions highly expressed by bloggers, reviewers, or readers are highly valued and don’t follow the necessity of being shared.
  9. Any error or misinformation in the story’s details should be factually reported to the Editorial team, and our house team will get to the content piece for inaccurate information and correct it then.

Editorial Policy Paktales:

The editor of Paktales maintains a day-to-day editorial decision. Besides this, the editor has the right to maintain the viewership’s independence, comments, and opinions to be included.

However, in the case of submission, lying next to controversies, Paktales Editorial is responsible for panting the controversial news lacking diversification that remains untouched for the readers. Publication of blogs, articles, the news is not dependent on the Editorial’s views on the website.

Content Submission Guidelines:

The Paktales house regularly receives content submission requests from writers, bloggers, agencies, and sponsoring companies looking to submit their content for publication. The Editorial Policy of Paktales is always happy with the contribution; they don’t pay them to create their content. Although, there is no guarantee that the content submitted will be published.


News stories are added to the website daily. The Editorial Policy Paktale’s goals lie in publishing content that is precise, accurate, and informative. The editors are working on daily engagement with the content and ensuring that the updated featured content reflects the events happening in the surroundings. The content to be updated is highly noted to be worthy of the events that are happening across the globe.

If any news content or article is looking to publish or for a news article recommendation, please send your suggestions to hello@adzomedia.com


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