Edhi Baba, Children Book: A Tribute To Edhi Sahab

Edhi Baba is a new book on superhero late philanthropist “Abdul Sattar Edhi” by a multimedia artist Maria Riaz Tauseef in order to spread the message of kindness and help. Abdul Sattar Edhi’s book costs Rs.500 and it has been sold online by the author. Maria said that she wants this book in the hands of everyone who love and honor Edhi Sahab.

In this modern world with a lot of hustle and bustle, nobody has time to pay attention to the real heroes of our life. Most of the children don’t know that what this great man did to this nation in the past and still, Edhi Foundation is serving the nation.

It is so important to tell our future generation about the real superheroes who have spent their whole life to help people without expecting anything in return for the better tomorrow.

Edhi Baba Book By Maria Riaz Tauseef

Maria, the author of Edhi Baba said that Edhi Sahab was the national hero and in her book, she has presented this great man with a superpower of bigheartedness. She is a teacher of art and design and illustrations have always been her favorite. Edhi Sahab has really inspired her and she has decided to publish a book comprising of his good selfless work for mankind.

She expressed her wish to connect her art with social responsibility. She started this book with manual sketches. Later on, she started with her imagination of Edhi Sahab’s love for the kids. Visual representation of all his work for humanity especially the kids is described in the book. Moreover, she further said that text for his gestures of kindness and humanity took some time.

At the start, she only published 100 copies, 20 of them were sent to the Edhi Foundation. While the rest of the copies of Edhi Baba was booked in a short time. She further revealed that around 500 copies of Abdul Sattar Edhi’s book are in a printing process.

Moreover, she also wanted to start a storybook session in every school so that every kid of the future generation gets to know about the personality of Edhi Sahab.

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