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E cigarette Sales Banned in 2020

Good news is that San Francisco has become the first ever US city that has banned the sales and marketing of E Cigarette. The whole city voted and making it illegal to sell nicotine vaporizer and E Cigarette. This decision will be effective in the coming year 2020.

The order will go to the mayor and higher authority to sign into this productive law. This approval is by the federal health authorities that there will be no more sales and marketing of E cigarette. It was necessary due to the significant public health consequences among teenagers by its use.

The immensely rise in popularity of e cigarettes, battery-powered devices that allow all the users/teenagers to inhale nicotine and become addictive to all the drugs.

The e cigarette users grew by 1.5 million in 2018. Middle and high school students highly used vaping products and they are about 3.6 million.

San Francisco is a basic point where all the marketing of e cigarette takes place. We have seen the great increase in the use of this electric pipe and it has led to an increased rate of nicotine among the young generation.

These e cigarettes are the product that is not allowed in the market without the FDA review.

“But for some reason, the FDA refused this law, but if the federal government is not going to follow and act this law, San Francisco will definitely.”

“The city’s mayor said that we really have to protect the health of the youth of San Francisco and prevent the whole next generation of our city from addicting to these hazardous products.”

Many people said that it is not as harmful as tobacco but the nicotine exposure is harmful and so e cigarettes are. The decision is final and in the coming year, it will fully ban.

This is a significant enactment that shows nearby governments are set up to scheme up. What you will find in the result of this enactment is different locales taking a glimpse at what they may be set up to do to secure their youngsters.


Three weeks prior, Beverly Hills, California, passed the main clearing denial on most tobacco deals, including e cigarettes, beginning in 2021. However, a business restriction can’t prevent individuals from making a way for adjacent urban areas to get their nicotine fix.

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