A dust storm hit Karachi on Sunday night. Sweeping the whole city and coming across with the whirling winds, rain is expected to shed in the city on Monday, Pakistan Meteorological Department reported.

Light rain and strong winds were continued to hit the port city on Monday morning with a dust storm and it will be blessed with a lighter day ahead (Rain on Monday).

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The dust storm hit strongly in various parts of the city, which tripped the K-Electric high-tension power transmission line causing the whole city’s electricity shut down. North Nazimabad, New Karachi, Sarjani Town and Nusrat Bhutto colony darkened.

Dust Storm Hit Karachi and Injured Multiples

Other areas like Azizabad, Gulistan-e-Jauhar and Shah Faisal Colony faced blackout when the rains and dust swept across the whole city. The dust storm reduced visibility causing delays in flight operations. Because of the dust storm and light winds, temperature of the city dropped relieving the citizens from the firing heat.

Several injuries were reported and some areas were heavily damaged because of the Dust Storm. Rescue team responded by cleaning the damaged and rust areas, downed poles and trees.Although, it is expected that in the major parts of the province, the weather is going to intensify on Monday and Tuesday with heavy rainfall and dust.

Reported by various authorities, Dust Storm, at least killed one citizen and more than 10 were injured. The man was killed when a tree fell on him near Peoples Chowrangi. Five students were injured and taken to school when the school roof collapsed on them near Tipu Sultan Road.

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Throughout the whole Karachi living community, Dust Strom struck miserably. Two people in Landhi No. 3 were injured when the wall of their house collapsed, according to the rescue sources. Same case was reported in Sarjani Town No. 7, when their house’s roof collapsed and two residents were injured.

Shehzad Roy on Twitter posted a picture of his car covered in sand after the sand storm, even when it was parked in his garage.

Artist, Nadia Jamil was on a shoot when the dust storm hit and tweeted what she had to do to cover her nose.


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