Drinking Coffee Boost Your Own Fat-Burning Mechanism

Drinking coffee may boost the fat-burning mechanism in your body and in return help in fighting with obesity and diabetes. According to the recent studies, coffee is a component that directly affects the “Brown Fat” and in return burn the calories as energy.

Fat-Burning Tool “Brown Fat”

Researchers found that Brown adipose tissue (BAT) is one of the two fats which are found inside the humans and mammals body. Previously, it was generally considered that brown fat can only be found in the babies and hibernated mammals. But according to recent discoveries, it is found that adults do have the potential to gather brown fat in their bodies.

The main function of brown fat is to produce enough heat in the body through burning calories. This is quite opposite to the white fat which keeps on storing excess calories inside the body.

Therefore, skinny people who have a low body mass index (BMI) usually have a large amount of brown fat in their body.

Professor Michael Symonds, from the University of Nottingham said that brown fat works in a different way and its main function is heat production through burning of sugar and fat present in the body.

Benefits of Activating Brown Fat:

If the activity of brown sugar can be increased, it will help to improve the blood sugar levels along with the control over the blood lipid level. In this way, the extra fats and calories will be burnt to help reduce weight.

However, there is no such method or activity has been identified yet which can stimulate the burning purpose of brown fat. Recently, a study has shown that drinking a cup of coffee plays a vital role in activating the function of brown fat inside the human body.

Researchers are trying to find the right way to implement the exact amount as diabetes and obesity in society has become their major concerns.

Research on Drinking Coffee and Impact on Brown Fat:

In the beginning, the team carried out a study on the stem cells in order to check the effects of caffeine on the brown fat activity. Later they found an exact dosage to see its impacts on humans.

The research team has used the thermal imaging technique to trace and locate the brown fat inside the human body. Once located, the next step was to assess the capacity of brown fat to get heated and act as a fat burner.

It was found that brown fat is present in the neck region. So it was easy to check the effect of caffeine on the brown fat after drinking a cup of coffee. Well, the results were positive and caffeine in the coffee is one of the major ingredients which stimulates the fat burning activity of Brown Fat.

They are looking for the components which help in the activation. Once they successfully find the same effects through caffeine supplements, it may act as a weight management regime along with a glucose-regulating factor to tackle diabetes.

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