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Is your decor and furniture becoming bored with time? Are you looking for DIY home improvement ideas for home decor? The Decor is a crucial part of your house’s interior. We want our decor to compliment the overall look and the furniture of our home. And enhance the visual aesthetics of our abode. This article brings pretty DIY ideas for the home. DIY decor ideas for a bedroom that will lighten up your room and amaze anyone who walks in. Decoration items can be extra expensive and you might not want to spend too much on them. Therefore, DIY hacks home decor ideas will let you express your artistic capabilities without having to spend too much. You can start your DIY home decor projects along with your siblings or your friends and renovate the look of your room. 

diy ideas for the home
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Geometrical Painting: 

This is the coolest DIY decor ideas for the bedroom. All you need is a blank canvas, tape and some paints. Moreover, you can invite friends to help you in this DIY home decor project. Separate parts of the canvas using the tape, fill in each portion with a different colour. Let it dry and then remove the tape. Moreover, you can make string art or add glitter to make it look more attractive. 

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Hand Stitched Cushions:

If you’re blessed with the skill of knitting, there’s so many DIY hack home decor ideas you can work on. However, for this one you need your knitting material and cushion covers. You can knit anything to your ease and liking. Contrast or matches the cushions with your interior. On the other hand, you can buy embroidered patches of any kind and stitch them on. They’re easily accessible at any store. Also, if you want to use amazing cloth patches, you can buy them from an Instagram page, @nefarious_stickers. They have an affordable range of quality cloth patches.


diy home decor projects
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Macrame Lights: 

All you need to do for these brilliant macrame lights is master knots. Macrame lights can be made with any material rope accessible to you. However, you just have to keep layering the knots and eventually you’ll get your perfect macrame lights. The best cheap home decor ideas. These lights will give your room that boho, chic look. In addition to that, the shadow of these lights looks so cool and you can use it to take aesthetic photos as well.

diy ideas for the home

Starburst Mirror: 

Mirrors in any shape or form can add up to the design of your room. Decorative mirrors are really expensive. Therefore, this wall hanging creative DIY home improvement idea looks so luxe and no one will believe you actually made it yourself. You’ll need bamboo skewers, hot glue gun and spray paint. Take the mirror, specifically a round mirror. Now take the bamboo skewers, one by one, glue the at the back of the mirror. However, you must follow a length pattern of bamboo sticks across the mirror. When you’re done sticking the bamboos, use spray paint over them of your choice. 

diy decor ideas for bedroom

Painted Dresser:

Is there a dresser in your house that never made it out of the store room? Or are you planning to buy new ones, but they’re too expensive. Worry no more because this DIY idea will solve your problems. Either you can use a patterned stencil and use spray paint to put that on your drawers. Moreover, latex or oil-based paints can be used to draw anything you wish. For your kids room you can draw their favourite cartoon. However, for your own room you can keep it funky or sophisticated. 

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Hairpin Leg Table:

This one requires a bit of furniture maker talent. However, this DIY home decor project can be done if you have pieces of wood. You’ll need wooden boards and a drill to screw them together. Four hairpin legs and a professional who can stick them to the wood slices. You just made a piece of furniture at home. You can use this as a coffee table, study table or however you would want. 

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Lace Bowls And Jars: 


Decoupage old and new bowls and jars with simple or coloured cotton lace. In addition to adding grace to your old pots as a decoration piece. Moreover, it’s great for your dining room table.

diy ideas for the home
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Mason Jar Portraits:

All you need to do for this DIY hacks home decor ideas is pick out your favourite photos. Put them inside a mason jar held upside down. Place it on a table next to other decorative pieces or on your dressing table. However, to  make it look fancier you can add ribbons or pain the handles. 

Heart Photo Wall:

If you have a plain wall that makes your living room look dull. Especially if you’re tired of the same old frame wall idea. Here’s an eye-catching wall art easy DIY. Print out a collection of favourite photos or portraits. Paste these photos on your wall in the shape of a heart. You can always swap them with new ones. 

wall mounted, home decor ideasHanging Ladder:

Decorate your home using a ladder. Creating a hanging space can rid your room of the stuff you have lying around here and there. However, all you need to do is paint a ladder and then hang all your caps, towels, hanging plant pots and maybe some fairy lights too. Hence this looks industrial chic wall-mounted beside your shelves. A creative DIY home improvement ideas for decor.

home decor ideas ,diy projects
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Pom Pom Holder:

Although pom poms might be a little out-fashioned by now. However, this DIY is clearly not gone out of style. All you need to do for this one is to just use a thread to make pom poms. Or buy a pack of pom poms of your favourite colours. Get an old tin jar and start sticking the pom poms on it using a glue gun. However, make sure the pom poms stick close together. Let them dry and add your accessories or pens to it. 

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DIY Neon-Sign:

You can either use an EL wire for this DIY or get a DIY projects neon light kit. Give your room a personalized touch. However, all you need to do is choose a text and then twist your wire into that shape. The best DIY decor ideas for the bedroom to make it look funky. 

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