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Inter-Services Public Relations Director General (DG ISPR) Asif Ghafoor said in a Press Conference on Monday that Pakistan Army is trying their best by pushing every effort to come off with a solution to resolve the Pashtun issues in the tribal areas. But in the recent events, the attitude adopted by the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement PTM Leadership is unbearable to voice their sufferings and such would no longer be tolerated anymore.

In a Press Conference address at the General Headquarters on Monday, he discussed about the national security issues and the tensions of India and Pakistan. DG ISPR said that the PTM Leadership is under the higher influences of Afghan and Indian Intelligence (RAW), from which they have been receiving the funding.

He added that Military are performing their best to do anything for the people living in the tribal belt, but those who are using this as an execution through the hands of other people, their time is up.

He further stated that according to the instructions of the Chief of Army Staff, Qamar Javed Bajwa, the PTM will be dealt accordingly to all laws.

Addressing the PTM Leadership, he stated that they have enjoyed all the liberty they wanted to, now, their times up.

He further briefed that previously, the army had met with the leader and MNA of the PTM Leadership, and told their three demands.

Ever since, the Pakistan’s Military is working on those, the army deployed 48 teams in those defined areas, and 45% of the area is cleared.

In the process, army suffered 101 casualties, but there are still some areas filled with mines and unexploded bombs which will be cleared.

The second demand was to clear the check posts, and upon the task of doing it so, the army had cleared and in the process, the army lost hundreds of soldiers.

Their third demand was to find the missing persons to which, the spokesperson had said that the list is shortened to only 2,500 cases and the commission is working on it routinely.

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