detox tea, tea for cleansing, herbal tea

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Fasting is the best way to energize your mind and body, it boosts immunity and give your body the break it needs to cleanse and repair. Combining herbal teas with fasting, for detoxifying your body and strengthen your liver, can increase the benefits immensely. Just sip on your favourite cleansing tea during sehri and after iftar to keep your system energized and improve health. Detox Tea Side Effects are commonly as Pain in stomach, Gas, Bloating etc. Detox tea ingredients are Burdock Root, Dandelion Root, Clove Bud and Rhubarb Root. Tea for fasting has numerous effects , hope you make your fasting more healthy while consuming tea for fasting.


Tea For Fasting

Here’s a the list of our favorite herbal teas,

detox tea, tea for cleansing, herbal tea

Green Tea:

The most knows detox tea in the world is Green tea. It fights cancer causing cells, improves oral health, fights oral bacteria, prevents bad breath. Green tea is also known for speeding metabolism, improving heart health, and the circulatory system, prevents diabetes, boosts healthy skin, and detoxifies the body of toxins and free radicals.

Black Tea:

Black tea without sugar or milk is a treasure trove of health benefits. It has all the benefits of green tea and more. The black tea leaves come from the same plant as green tea, but they are fermented, which increases the caffeine content in the black tea.

Ginger Tea:

Ginger is a wonder root, it soothes indigestion, cough and flu relieve nausea, its anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory. Made with a dash of honey and turmeric, ginger tea is a refreshing and light herbal tea that you can consume after iftar and during Taraweeh to stay energized.

Garlic Tea:

Though the taste is a bit strong and so is the odor, but garlic tea has numerous benefits. Garlic is a natural antioxidant and a blood thinner. Bring a crushed clove of garlic to boil in a cup of water, add honey as per your taste and you have a great tea for detoxifying your system.

It is  great for heart health, helps control High blood pressure and high cholesterol, relieves nasal congestion and colds, improves respiratory system, and kills cancer causing cells.


Fenugreek Tea:

Another detox tea with gazillion benefits, its anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic. It helps with digestion, controls blood sugar levels, stimulates urination, good for kidney health, it relieves constipation and it is great to keep your heart healthy.

Add fenugreek seeds in boiling water, turn off the stove and let them soak for 2 to 3 hours. Warm the tea as per your liking before drinking.

Chamomile Tea:

Chamomile is a soothing tea for cleansing, it’s great for when you are trying to control caffeine addiction. The tea is known to boost immune system, and reduces inflammation. It works as a natural laxative, it helps ease menstrual cramps, and aids with menopausal symptoms.

The chamomile tea is a remedy for skin irritations, and helps with allergies. It can improve the overall skin conditions to make it glow. The soothing abilities of chamomile make it a perfect sleep aid.

Red clover Tea:

Red clover is a beautiful flower and makes a wonderfully refreshing detox tea, flavor wise it is a good replacement for coffee and black tea. It is beneficial for hormonal fluctuation, menstrual cramps, relieves cold, cough and congestion, reduces anxiety, fights stress and depression.

Red clover tea is also beneficial for anemia, eczema, psoriasis, menopausal issues. Additionally, this detox tea is highly effective in preventing breast and prostate cancer.

Cinnamon Tea:

Cinnamon is detox tea with a pleasant smell. It works great to Purify blood, ease menstrual cramps, treat arthritic pain, reduce inflammation, cures indigestion and controls blood sugar.

Grab your Cup of Detox Tea:

A freshly brewed cup of cleansing tea after a long day can help you unwind, it calms your nerves and detoxify your system of toxins and free radicals.

Hope you like our Article pertaining to Detox Tea & Detox tea ingredients & side effects , Please share your feedback in the comments.




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