Detox Smoothie Recipe For Fast Weight Loss 2019

Detoxification is the removal of harmful toxins from your body that you consume either from the environment or processed foods. You should consume Detox Smoothie Recipe For Fast Weight Loss 3-4 times a week at least to detoxify your body. Juice cleanses at least twice every month can also help with weight loss.  7 day smoothie detox is very Famous in summers as people love to do this challenge as 7 day smoothie detox really makes them Detox and look younger. The Most favourite Detox is mango detox smoothie in my case . Summers are all about hydration and staying in shape, so pick your favourite and enjoy!

Green Protein Detox:


1 cup Milk
1 banana
2 cup Greens (spinach, broccoli) 


Blend the ingredients until they’re all fully juiced down. Pour in your favourite smoothies mug and slurp it down.

Mango Detox Smoothie: 


½ cup of Yogurt
1 Mango
Ice cubes


Blend the ingredients together, pour them in a glass and enjoy the refreshing blend of mangoes. It’s the mango season, and don’t we all just go crazy over the sight of them? So why not consume them in smoothies that helps detoxify your body? Mango has low calories and is a fibre rich fruit. A great source of many nutrients including vitamins A and C, folate, iron and many antioxidants. Mango detox smoothie is very Famous Detox Smoothie in General.

Apple Berry Detox:


1 Apple
1 cup Berries
2 cup Spinach
1 cup Water or Milk


Juice the ingredients well and enjoy the sweet flavours with a touch of greens. Apples are rich in probiotics. They’re good for your heart, blood pressure, gout, weight loss and are also anti-cancer. To cut it short, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. So make sure you consume this nutrient rich detox smoothie almost every day! 

Beetroot Strawberry Smoothie:

Detox smoothie recipe:

1 Beetroot
1 cup Frozen Strawberries 
A cup of Spinach
Water or Ice


Carefully blend them well and serve. Beetroot smoothies might not taste amazing but have been known for the rich benefits. Beetroot helps normalize your blood pressure, increase your stamina and supports your liver. It has anti-cancer properties, and if you’re diagnosed with anaemia this is the best thing to put in your body. Lots of vitamin C and antioxidants come from the strawberries. Spinach is rich in iron and many other nutrients and vitamins such as K, A, C. Many young girls and women in general suffer from anaemia and lack of nutrition. This smoothie will not only give you better health, but shall also prove beneficial to your skin. Make a consistent habit of regular consumption. 

Make sure you take your detox smoothies at least thrice a week if not every day! They will not only make you feel and look fresh, but will also help fight illnesses and to lose weight.
Remain consistent.

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