Dell Supportassist- Dell PCs At Risk 2019

Many Dell PCs are identified with a major security vulnerability or flaw in the SupportAssist which has increased its chances of getting attacked and break into the administration power. It has been revealed by the security researchers at SafeBreach Lab. A SupportAssist is a technical tool that has already been pre-loaded on the Dell PCs. While in some of the PCs manufactured by the third part, PC-Doctor Toolbox is used as a rebranded version.

Dell Supportassist

Dell said that product security of customers is their first priority and it proves how much concerned they are in order to provide assurance related to the data and systems. According to Dell Company, this vulnerability was found in both PC-Doctor and the SupportAssist.

They ensure that when they get a fix from the vendor, Dell will soon release a patch to address this flaw.

Previously in May 2019, a patch was released to fix the issue. Before this release, millions of the Dell appliances, home, and office machines were at risk of being exploited and get attacked. However, when the fix was released, more than 90% of the computers get updated and they were no longer at risk of a security breach.

Dell PCs Security:

Owners of the Dell PCs have enabled the users to update Dell SupportAssist software to get rid of this security threat. You can use Dell SupportAssist for Business version 2.0 and Dell SupportAssist for Home version 3.2.1 in order to avoid the security vulnerability.

Moreover, as per SafeBreach Labs, many companies have rebranded the vulnerability tool on PCs for support. There are many other products which are also affected by the security vulnerability. These include PC-Doctor Toolbox for Windows, Corsair One Diagnostics, Corsair Diagnostics, Staples EasyTech Diagnostics, Tobii I-Series Diagnostic Tool, and Tobii Dynavox Diagnostic Tool. However, it is still not known that all of these software versions will be receiving a patch to get fixed or not.

The good news is that Dell has responded to the issue timely and it has been trying to fix it. They have quickly alerted all the users and contacted the PC Doctor to release the fix.

However, PC Doctor Variants are at risk and they have told the customers to enable the automatic update system to address this security flaw.

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