Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor was seen leaving the office of Luv Ranjan, who was accused of sexual harassment and her fans are annoyed. In October, 2018, #MeToo movement took over the whole sub-continent and social media. Many people who hold immense power and fame came out to be alleged harassers.

Luv Ranjan, who is a filmmaker was accused of sexual harassment by an actor. Since then, people were against this filmmaker. His work is based on misogyny, sexism and toxic masculinity and catering specifically the male audience.

Recently the Tamaasha duo, Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone was seen leaving the office of this alleged sexual harasser, Luv Ranjan and people are furious about the two working together.

Fans have started a hashtag #NotMyDeepika on Twitter. They are very much disappointed at the prospect of their favorite icon and actress working together with the harasser.

Deepika has not made any official statement yet about her any upcoming movie with Luv Ranjan but fans are showing anger to her through these hashtags.

Fans are reminding Deepika that she claimed to stand with the victims of sexual harassment and there she is leaving his office.

Moreover, fans are insisting not to sign any movie with this man.

She sarcastically said that she is capitalizing over the survivors of violence.

For Deep fans, kindness, empathy and truth matters and they are fuming with this news of her working with the abuser.

While, others applauded the reaction of her fans who have guts to call their favorites for wrong and know that how to stand with the right.

A lot of expectation from Deep fans that she better burn the script, then to work with the alleged harasser.

Fans are holding her accountable for this deed…Like Wow!

Fans are ready to boycott her movie, when it will be released.

This girl is really disappointed!!

#NotMyDeepika has become a trend!

We wonder why Deepika and Ranbir visited his office and if she will listen to the voice of her fans and call off any big project with Luv Ranjan.

What do you guys think of #NotMyDeepika? Let us know about your views in the comment section below.

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