DEADPOOL is going to be the part of END GAME “MARVEL”

Deadpool is a part of Marvel comics and the big news is that he is going to be the part of Marvel End Game as confirmed by Ryan Reynolds himself. Well, Marvel fans are actually gone mad after they came to know that certain various Characters have now been incorporated into the Marvel universe. Ryan Reynolds’ the Deadpool has already confirmed the news of being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As we all know that Avengers is going to end as Marvel End Game and the two superheroes Deadpool and X-Men are going to join Marvel Comic Universe soon. It is now confirmed from the co-director of Avengers, End Game, Joe Russo that Deadpool will be the first superhero who is going to play along with the Marvel heroes. The filmmaker who is currently in India also confirmed the news. He also confirmed that Deadpool will be in the End Game but he will surely not become the part of the battle of Thanos in Avengers. He refused to share any further detail about the involvement of Deadpool in the movie scenes.

Actor Chris Hemsworth, Thor has also welcomed Ryan Reynolds to the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the social media. Ryan Reynolds has also recently shared a picture of Deadpool wearing Mickey ears to confirm Disney news earlier and deal closure.

Deadpool in Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) 

Disney boss Bob Iger has also expressed his merger and expansion of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). He further expressed his idea and opportunity to expand the iconic franchises for the upcoming generation. He said that just like Marvel and Star Wars, they are planning to expand Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) by adding Deadpool, X-men and Fantastic Four. Well, since the Disney–Fox deal has been completed, fans are going crazy about the incorporation into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Well, everybody is looking forward to that kind End Game where these heroes are going to entertain all the fans. The high stake of an Avengers movie seriously has a kind of gloomy tone where Deadpool is going to fit well to surprise its fans.

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