Daraz.com jobs Recently Announced to Generate Million jobs by 2022

daraz.com jobs
daraz.com jobs

Daraz.com Jobs has recently announced million jobs initiative by 2022.

The best online marketplace and e-commerce store in Pakistan, hosted a conference in Karachi by the CEO, Bjarke Mikkelsen, highlighting the accomplishments of the company in the recent year and its diplomacies for the future.

Daraz is an online marketplace in the South Asiana hub of the world, which includes Pakistan at the top, and other countries are Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Over the years of its development in Pakistan, it has more than 4 million products from 100,000 sellers among 100+ variety of categories.

A press released by the company briefed that up to more than 2 million Pakistanis are using Daraz every day. The company at the moment is delivering more than 1 million packages all over the country in a time frame of just one month.

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CEO, Bjarke Mikkelsen, says that the company aims to make the digital economy, business easily accessible anywhere across the globe. Being in the country for not so long, Daraz has already created 50,000 jobs with Headquarters in Karachi.

      Daraz.com Jobs in 2022 will provide million jobs to Pakistanis.

Company said that the next four years will be of 100% annual growth, and Daraz in 2022 will create more than one million jobs. Sellers will reach to a total number of 200,000 and more than 25 million active users in a month.

Daraz is also planning to launch its own logistics system, to which they have taken the initiative in Pakistan. Daraz has recently started its own Logistics and Packaging Delivery system which take a day or a two to deliver the packages to their customers, better as it was in the case of Third Party Courier Service, which took minimum of 5 days to even more than a week.

So far in the Daraz University, it has educated more than 2,000 sellers in Pakistan. And after Daraz’s acquisition by the Alibaba group, they have launched a global collection access.


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