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Chinese Muslims have been brutally tortured in the detention camps for so long in the Xinjiang Province after being captured by the government of China. We China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) agreement came into existence, Pakistan was very happy to work along China, but they were capturing the Muslims of China and treating them inhumanely. These detention camps are still on their anti-Muslim mission to detain their population and sweep them out of the map.

On 10th May 2019, the truth came up when a video was uploaded by the CNN about those camps. Journalists were harassed and followed to keep them away from knowing the truth that how those Muslim minorities have been treated in China. Later, it was revealed by US that China is keeping more than 2 million people in those detention camps who are badly tortured to death and most of them are Muslim minorities.

Chinese Muslims and Detention Camps

According to the reports, the survival of Muslims in the country like China is now difficult and the way they are treating Chinese Muslims shows that they don’t want Islam to grow and spread in their country. Like other non-Muslim countries, China is also seeing Islam as a threat. They send the kids from those detention camps to the foster homes in China, where they are taught nothing but hatred about Islam. They are busy in rooting out the religion Islam through transformation of education.

On the other hand, Shohrat Zakir, Chairman of Xinjiang government called these detention camps a “Humane” act against terrorism. His statements totally contradict from what the Muslim world is saying. According to him people in these detention camps have been facilitated with job skills like making clothes, e-commerce, hairdressing and cosmetology. And students in those camps are provided with free meals and air conditioned rooms, movie screening and access to the computers.

detention camps

According to Mr. Zakir, these Xinjiang’s detention camps for Muslims are basically a vocational arrangement for training programs and education. They claim that the purpose of these camps is to remove this soil from terrorism and religious extremism.

Mr. Zakir did not make any statement regarding the number of Muslims, they have kept in those camps. Well, he did mention that people are kept in these detention camps against their will who they have suspected of any wrongdoing. These were later detained after signing an agreement and providing them with a job.



Omurbek Eli, who is a businessman and got a Kazakh citizenship and being originally from Xinjiang, said that “This is a total nonsense.” The Chinese government said that these camps are to eradicate the terrorism and extremist nature, but actually he has seen doctors, intellectuals, lawyers, and other officials there who have nothing to do with this approach. According to him “This is not a vocational training centre, but a prison.”


We all know that Israel is an anti-Muslim state and they are trying hard to remove Islam and Muslims from this world and unfortunately China is doing the same. Even Pakistani passport is not valid for Israel and we are still working alongside China. Isn’t this a true example of hypocrisy? We need to open our eyes to see what the world is doing with our Muslim brothers and sisters. This is up to us to decide now.


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