CDA, NPHP, G-13, G-14/4, Mauve Area

Recently, the Capital Development Authority Board has allowed the use of land in the G-13 and G-14/4 Mauve area for the Prime Minister’s Naya-Pakistan Housing Project.

The Ministry of Housing and Works had requested for the changes to be done in the original plan design, according to which the Mauve area was reserved for institutions and offices.

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The cabinet meeting led by the Prime Minister Imran Khan, gave the approval for changing the land in the G-13 and G-14/4 sectors to be used in the Naya-Pakistan Housing Project and ease their way.

According to the cabinet’s official statement, “it has sanctioned ‘the change in land-use of Mauve Area in sectors G-13 and G-14 from construction of office buildings of attached departments, autonomous bodies, to construction of multi-purpose high-rise residential, office, and commercial buildings”

Mauve area is a long-strip alongside the boundaries of Kashmir Highway, and as per the Master plan of Islamabad, it was intended to be used in the construction offices and other purposes as mentioned, but now, as per the alteration, they will be used for the Naya-Pakistan Housing Project.

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The auction for the said areas took place on February 20, 2019 at the Islamabad Hotel Melody. An official from the Ministry of Housing and Projects sent the report to the CDA, and he added that the PM’s Naya-Pakistan Housing Project is most likely to begin in the G-13 area.

Direct General Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation Waseem Ahmed Bajwa attended the CDA meeting to brief about them about the Cabinet’s decision.

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A Senior Officer at the CDA expressed his opinion by saying that if a decision has already been made without a suggestion from the concerned department, but now discussing it with the CDA Board is meaningless and useless effort.

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