Recently, an International court of justice ICJ gave its verdict related to Kalbushan Jadhav which has proved him ultimately a terrorist and spy. This verdict is a win for Pakistan who have been striving to free the region from terrorist groups and their propagandas. A man behind his arrest was Captain Qadeer Shaheed, ISI Soldier who dressed like a beggar and roamed the streets of Balochistan. At last Kalbushan Jadhav got arrested by Captain Qadeer in 2016.

Captain Qadeer Shaheed was an Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) soldier who sacrificed his life span to arrest this terrorist and Indian Spy. Pakistanis took to the Twitter and hailed Captain Qadeer Shaheed for his services in this regard.

After Kalbushan Jadhav got arrested, he confessed about the Indian hideous agenda behind his terrorist activities in Balochistan and Karachi. Jadhav has also admitted his crimes and he was death sentenced by court of Pakistan before the case was taken to the ICJ.

Captain Qadeer Shaheed

Pictures of Captain Shaheed Qadeer in torn clothes have been circulating the internet, despite being born in a very rich family, Captain Qadeer chose to live for his passions and joined the army. Later on, due to his impressive performance and capabilities, Qadeer was inducted in Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) to carry out undercover operation in Balochistan against Jadhav.

Unfortunately, in 2018, Captain Qadeer embraced martyrdom in a car accident while going from Quetta to Khuzdar to spend vacation with his family. The car tire burst and he died on the spot while his family survived.

He was a devoted soldier who is being hailed for the services he offered in this regard. The Indian spy got arrested finally, after ISI soldier outfitted in dirty and torn clothes to complete his mission. He had been appointed to this task for three years and acted like a trash collector and a beggar to arrest Indian spy Kalbushan Jadhav.

Captain Qadeer Shaheed who made it possible!

People are thankful to ISI and Pak Army who successfully ended Indian Propaganda!

Soldier who sacrificed his life to end terrorism and arrest Indian Spy!

May Allah Pak bless him with highest rant in Jannah!

They are heroes for Pakistanis!


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