Capt. Hassan Musahib Javed, Sitara-e-Bisalat, Shahadat, hassan musahib javed

Capt. Hassan Musahib Javed, Sitara-e-Bisalat embraced martyrdom 6 years ago, at the young age of 25. He also wrote a letter to his elder sister 15 hrs before his Shahadat. He spent the last two years of his life fighting the terrorist in Sawat, Karam Agency, Hangu, Khyber agency and finally in Tirah, Bajor agency.

Of all the ways to express and communicate, letters hold a very special place. The fact that you can touch the piece of paper where his hands were. And you can save it in your diary or in the drawer next to your bed. The way you can read and reread until you absorb every single word.

A letter from a special person is even more touchy, especially when it is your brother’s last letter!!! No piece of paper can ever become as precious and dear to you, like this last reminder of love from your beloved baby brother.

Before embarking on his last operation, 15 hours before leaving on his eternal journey. The young soldier Capt. Hassan Musahib Javed wrote down his final farewells to his sister Sabahat and family. Maybe the war hero knew his time has come and so he wanted to convey his thoughts and love one last time.

The heartfelt letter tugs at your heart and you can’t help but shed tears to pay homage to the brave army men. The letter is written on 30th May 2013. The little details and the simple narrative, like the Cell Phones passcode, details about his savings, how he wants to divide his belongings. He poured his love for his family in the one-page letter.

“I had a terrible time in operational Area, I just survived here only for my family name. Keep it up.”

“I missed my family a lot.” he added,” Take good care of Ammi and Abbu, I love you all.

Capt. Hassan Musahib Javed, Sitara-e-Bisalat, Shahadat, hassan musahib javedCapt. Hassan Musahib Javed Shaheed laid his life for the nation. He suffered a bullet in his face and bled to Shahadat. For his bravery and courage throughout his career and in the last battle of his life, he was awarded Sitara-e-Bisalat.

May his soul rest in the highest of Jannah and his family is blessed with patience.

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