Camsurf Video Chat App User Review–Does it Live Up to the Hype?


You can expect random chat sites to talk themselves up to potential new users; after all, doesn’t it make sense to emphasize your good qualities? However, what you see isn’t always what you get. Is Camsurf really as great as it cracks itself up to be? I tried it out for myself – here’s what I found about this video chat app.



I’ll give you the verdict right off the bat: Camsurf is a platform I’d happily use again. It had a pretty good balance of men to women, and I ran across fewer users who were acting out than I expected (more on that later). It isn’t for people who want to find a date online; the platform focuses on casual chats and short-term friendships instead. The layout was intuitive and easy to use, and both the website and the app were consistently responsive – I never found myself waiting in front of a blank screen while the next chat loaded.

I tried both the free version and the paid version of the site, and both of them worked in much the same way. Obviously the membership gave me some extra perks, but there weren’t any annoying cut-offs or delays when I was using the unpaid version as an anonymous user. There were ads, but that’s to be expected. All in all, Camsurf is a solid choice, whether you’re looking for free chatting or a paid membership.


Membership Structure

You have the option to choose either a monthly membership at $19.99 per month, or a weekly membership at $6.99 per week (which is the one I chose to start with). They both offer the exact same benefits, but the pricing structure encourages longer memberships by giving a 34% discount for the monthly option. It’s easy to set up with your credit card, and you’ll be re-billed automatically before your membership expires. What do you get for this price?

  • VIP badge that appears to other users in the chats
  • Gender filter (specify men, women, couples, or transgenders)
  • Location filter (choose from 68 different countries)
  • Private chat windows
  • No more ads
  • Priority access to any new features that Camsurf releases

Since I was there to test out the site and experiment with all the available features, I felt like the price was worth it. Chatting with ads on-screen didn’t really bug me at the time, but it was a nice change once they were gone.

I can’t say how my chat partners felt about my super-special VIP badge, but I know that when I was chatting with other paid members, I felt a bit more confident that I wasn’t going to end up talking with a troll. After all, you’d have to be next-level petty to pay just so you can annoy people online.


How to Use the Free Chats

The free version is by far the fastest way to get a chat started – it took me less than a minute between landing on the homepage and entering my first chat. This is because Camsurf doesn’t make you register if you aren’t paying for an account. Not only are you chatting for free, but you’re completely anonymous.


The first step was to choose my gender – the options are male, female, couples, or transgender. Then I accepted the Terms of Use, enabled my webcam, and started chatting – it was that simple! No prompts to input more information, no urges to upgrade my chat experience to a paid membership – just fast and easy random video chatting. I had all kinds of emojis to jazz up my text chats with, and I was even able to text chat with users who were webcam chatting.

As a paid member of this video chat app , once I’d set up my account, it was almost as fast to start chatting with my login details. While I’ve been on some chat sites that seemed overly greedy for all the information they could wring out of me, Camsurf’s sign-up process seemed quite reasonable – just the standard contact and payment info.


Handy Features Best Video Chat App with strangers

video chat with strangers

I was able to switch from video chatting to text chatting at the click of a button, so I never had to interrupt my chatting streak to fiddle with settings. There’s a “stop” button that halts the webcam chat (and automatically switches to text chat), and of course the “next” button will match you with a new chat partner.

From what I could tell, Camsurf has a pretty solid customer support system. I never had any reason to report bugs or glitches on the platform, but I could see the little button right there on my screen in case I ever had to use it. Even better, there’s a community policing system that lets users report any behavior that goes against the guidelines. I did use that one a few times, which is to be expected. However, I’d be willing to bet that this feature cuts down on a lot of the crazy behavior that can be found on every chat site.

I prefer using my laptop if I’m random chatting, but I tried out Camsurf’s Android app in the interest of being thorough. It was just as responsive as the website, and the layout was similarly sleek and user-friendly. They have a recently released app for Apple devices as well, so pretty much anybody can use Camsurf on whatever personal device they want.


Overall Usability

I never found myself trying to find hidden settings, searching for menus, or wondering where a button would take me – everything was clearly laid out. I had a couple of questions at the beginning, so I headed over to the FAQ page and was pleasantly surprised to see that the answers were right there.

One feature that would have been nice is the ability to go back and see my chat history, as I’ve enjoyed using that feature on other chat sites. Even so, I found that Camsurf video chat app had plenty of options for both anonymous users and members, delivered a consistently high-quality experience, and best of all – it was just plain fun!



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