Butt Lift And Thigh Toning Workout 30 Day -Inner Thigh Lift

Most women face the issue of constant weight accumulation in their lower body. Hip dips, flabby legs, and cellulite is a common problem faced by most of us. Here is a combination of lower body, inner and outer thigh workouts that will help you tone and strengthen your glute and hamstring muscles. These workouts will not only help you shed some pounds overall but also shape your waistline while giving you a natural butt lift. Incorporate all of these workouts into your daily exercise regimen and you’ll notice a surprising change in your body & fat transfer to hips will be reduced in just 30 DAYS! Before starting thigh and buttock lift before and after photos should be taken. 


Butt Lift

Leg Swings: 

This thigh workout will work outer thighs, obliques, and four of your hip muscles including; flexors, extensors, adductors, abductors. It’s a great warm-up and will stretch the hip muscle group. 

Simple Squats:

This move gives you an overall balance and strength in your body. Personally, I believe that this is the most effective butt lift and thigh toning exercise.

 Inner Thigh Pulses:

An effective move to lose the flab on your inner thighs. Moreover, make sure your foot stays in the awkward position that is required because otherwise it won’t be effectively targeting the muscles.

Plie Squats:

Thigh Workout

Make sure that you keep your chest up and aren’t arching your back during this exercise. Plie squats will target your inner thighs, hamstring muscles, and glute muscles.

Pointed Butt Lift:

The move is stretching and clenching the glute muscles which will be burning up all the fat and flab with you don’t require to give you a butt lift. The prime target will be the glutes along with the hamstring muscles.

Side Lunges:

The perfect move to burn up your inner thighs and lose some fat off them this summer. Add weights to intensify this move.

Fire Hydrants:

This butt lift exercise will be focusing on your glutes and sculpting them, giving them a toned shape and enhanced strength. 

Side Leg Raises:

This thigh workout will target the group of adductor muscles building up strength in your entire body. This will help balance your body out and provide you a firm posture. 

Heel Kicks:

Ensure that your hips are correctly aligned and your legs will remain straight as they are lifted upwards. This will give your butt the perfect push to get back in form.

A perfect toned butt gives your body a desired hour-glass shape. Make a regimen that suits you and incorporate all of the above-mentioned exercises based on sets and reps according to your liking. Besides, it will take up just 30 days and you will see incredible changes, so what are you waiting for? Grab your yoga mats and start your journey to reduce fat transfer to hips. Plus you should also have thigh and buttock lift before and after photos to make comparisons. 

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