Promotion on Social Media: Top 5 Tactics Suitable for Any Business

Social media is a relatively new invention and one can see why it has so much appeal. You can live in a virtual world where you can have a good time with your friends and family as well as keep tabs on everything new going around. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are some of the leading social media sites and they present a huge opportunity for any business which is looking to establish itself.

Being successful on social media is not that simple. You need to be efficient and straightforward in your approach to make your business flourish on social media. If you are considering a business promotion social media platform, there are some very important things that you need to keep in mind in order to ensure that your business gets the response you are looking for. 


Business Promotion on Social Media

business promotion on social media

Let’s discuss our top 5 strategies for making any business successful on social media


1. Develop a Game Plan & Follow Through

Not having a strategy when marketing your business on social media can have a lot of unwanted consequences. Therefore, it is very important that you take some time and develop a solid game plan for your social media promotion project. You should lay out your plan on paper to have a clearer understanding of where your business stands and what to expect. Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to social media, so you should ensure that your business’s social media account is managed by a responsible person. You should post on your account regularly and make sure you keep your audiences engaged and interested.


2. Treat Every Channel as a Separate Entity

You need to treat every social media channel as a separate entity. You can have content that is uniform across the platforms but you need to manage each account according to the audiences on that specific account. For example, Twitter is infamous for small text posts known as “Tweets’ ‘ whereas Instagram is used for photos and videos. If you are on Twitter you should focus on good-quality short text and if you are on Instagram you should focus on good-quality photos. Every platform provides specific tools that can help you polish your posts. For Instagram, you have the option of using a good  IGTV maker to post good stories. You need to create specific content for each platform to ensure that your audience remains engaged and interested in your business.


business promotion on social media

3. Take Customer Service Seriously

 If anyone interacts with your business on social media and doesn’t get a prompt response, you have lost the chance to make a stellar first impression. Due to your poor communication, the potential customer might turn to your direct competition. On the other hand, when you are responsive and engage with your community in a thoughtful and positive manner, it leaves a lasting impression and they are more likely to choose you for their future needs as well.

Here are some ways to improve your customer service response:

  • Hire a dedicated social media expert to manage all your social media channels separately.
  • Design a troubleshooting library for common bugs and issues that arise frequently and provide the solution instantly.
  • Be creative and keep your customers engaged. Some good ways to do so are by conducting giveaways, creating polls, and awarding badges to your most loyal customers.
  • Don’t ignore any comment whether negative or positive and try to mitigate the issue as soon as possible.


4. Embrace Mishaps

We are all humans and being a human means making mistakes. This rule becomes especially true when you are dealing with social media where there is so much activity every second. You should be prepared to have mishaps. If you make a simple mistake like misspelling a word, you should embrace it rather than deleting the whole post and reposting. Each new repost is shown to your audiences and if you delete and repost the same stuff, it might cause your audience to mistrust you. Embrace mistakes and hiccups as part of your social media journey.


5. Track and Talk

Tracking the performance of your social media campaign might be a boring chore but it is one that you need to do seriously. Once or twice a month, you should review all the metrics that directly impact your business. Some important factors to keep in mind are follower growth, the number of posts, clicks on your product/site, post likes, and shares, page reviews, impressions, etc. Review each channel separately and make sure to review the metrics of your direct competitors as well to get a better idea of what you are dealing with.

If you are looking to establish your business on social media or looking for business promotion on social media, consider the points we’ve discussed in this post. Don’t be afraid of being straightforward and efficient with your approach to succeed on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. You have a huge opportunity for success just waiting for you- don’t waste it!

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