Bruti waterfall, environment-friendly tourism, Green squad

Bruti Islamabad Waterfalls of Pakistan is a mesmerizing place near Islamabad. Beat the heat dive into the freshwater pools or hike. Enjoy as much as you can but please practice environment-friendly tourism. Do not ruin the beauty of nature by trashing the place. The green squad took it upon themselves to clean the area after the Eid tourism spree.


This Eid, Record number of Pakistanis visited the Northern areas for Tourism:

The long weekend and Eid combined, made people flock towards tourist destinations of Pakistani northern areas. And the northern areas witnessed the highest influx of tourists from every part of the country this year.

Bruti Islamabad Waterfalls and Trails suffered the Pakistani habit of Littering:

The tourist left these beautiful places in heaps of plastic, used diapers, leftover food, and whatnot. We saw many pictures posted on social media by the locals showing the devastating effect of “tourism” on the heavenly landscape. The same tragedy happened to the Bruti National Park Islamabad. The ponds and waterfalls of Pakistan had plastic bottles floating around. And the trails were littered with trash.

bruti waterfall, environment-friendly tourism


The sad picture of Bruti Waterfall is a reflection of our civic sense as a nation.

Green Squad to the Rescue:

Thankfully not all of us have a dead conscience, the team “Green Squad” from Islamabad took it upon themselves to clean the area all on their own.

They spent their weekend cleaning the Bruti Waterfalls and planting tree saplings. Because what could be a better way of apologizing to a forest than planting more trees.

By the end of the day, they filled 25 large trash bags and took them out of the national park. The team, lead Wasiq Bloch has a message for all, ” Please don’t bring plastic to the national park, and if you do. Please take it back.

environment-friendly tourism, green squad

In a Nutshell:

Please own this country, it is our only home in the whole wide world. Cleanliness is half our deen, and it doesn’t mean just keeping your body and house clean. If you really want to leave your mark please plant some trees. Environment-friendly tourism will help us leave a better, cleaner planet for the next generations.



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