Bottle Cap Challenge, A New Viral Trend Among Celebrities

The Bottle Cap Challenge has been started on social media with a #BottleCapChallenge in which you have to kick off the bottle cap from side to remove the cap. How can Summers in America go without any viral challenge? Looks like celebrities have loved this challenge and they have nominated other celebrities after completing it.


Last June a challenge went viral and people made videos while dancing on the Drake song “Kiki Do you Love me?” The challenge was named “In My Feeling Challenge”. Another challenge went viral in last summers named “Ice Bucket Challenge”. A challenge has been started to raise awareness for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. In this challenge, people dump the cold water over their heads.

Bottle Cap Challenge is here and Celebrities are obsessed 

Well, this June Hollywood has come up with “The Bottle Cap Challenge” and people are obsessed with the bottle cap challenge. In this challenge you have to remove the cap of bottle by a simple kick. Looks impossible, but I wonder how many celebrities have successfully completed the challenge and posted their videos on the social media.

It all started by Taekwondo champion Farabi Davletchin. He shifted the challenge to Jason Statham and Conor McGregor.–E/?utm_source=ig_embed

Max Holloway couldn’t stayed back!

John Mayer completed the challenge too and challenged Jason Statham.

Jason Statham then posted a slow motion video of unscrewing the cap of bottle amazingly.

Then he nominated film director Guy Richie and mixed martial artist James Moontasri to do the Bottle Cap Challenge.

Conor McGregor completed the challenge perfectly in his own way.

Bollywood actor like Akshay Kumar also completed the challenge after he get inspired by Jason Statham as he couldn’t resist.

Tiger Shroff completed the challenge with blind folds like wow..!

People are seriously obsessed with this new challenge and everybody all around the world are giving it a try.

Donnie Yen being the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) did it beautifully.

Jeffery Chang completed the challenge with his dancing tactics.

Well, Kunal Kummar followed the bottle cap challenge in his best way.

If you have also tried #bottlecapchallenge, tell us in the comment section below.

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