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BOL Anchorperson Mureed Abbas and Khizer Murdered in Karachi on a dispute over money with his friend Atif Zaman at Bukhari Commercial area. TV anchor Mureed Abbas was shot by a gunman according to the police reports. Khizer, friend of Mureed has also died after he got injured in this dispute.

It is also reported by South SSP Shiraz Nazeer that the two friends Khizer and Mureed were standing at the roadside when a gunman opened fire on them and Mureed died on the spot while Khizer got injured and lost his life in the hospital.

According to the police anchorperson has been murdered in a dispute related to money and personal feud. Mureed was content manager at Bol TV and he has also worked before for SAMAA TV too.

Police has started an investigation in this regard, eyewitnesses and CCTV camera footage will be checked for the culprits. Sindh Inspector-General Dr Kaleem Imam has also directed the South DIG to form a team in order to arrest the attacker.

According to Dr Seemin Jamali, the executive director of the hospital said that his body was taken to Jinnah Hospital and he was shot in the torso and arms twice. A bullet in Mureed’s chest proved fatal.

In Karachi at least four persons were killed in an hour. Mureed and his friend Khizer at Bukhari Commercial area, while two other men were killed in the Pehlwan Goth area.

BOL TV Anchor Mureed Abbas Lost His Life In a Dispute

The name of the culprit, according to Mureed Abbas’s wife is Atif Zaman. After the death of Mureed and Khizer, Zaman tried to commit suicide. However, South police has his address and picture and he was lately taken to the hospital. According to South SSP, the attacker was Atif Zaman, who murdered the two over a dispute about money.

The wife of Mureed Abbas had told the reporters that her husband received a call at 8:05pm and he said that he is going to take his money back.

His wife said that they had invested their money in a business and a man named “Atif Zaman” was not returning their money. She was sure that Atif has killed the two friends when they demanded money from them.

Mureed has invested his money in a Tyre business of Atif which he has started by collecting 1 billion from his investors like anchor’s Mureed and many more. Atif has over 40 investors and Mureed was one of them. Previously, Atif tried to smuggle tyres illegally, seized at the Balochistan Boarder of worth Rs.200 million.

Atif refused to give monthly profit to the investors and murdered Mureed and Khizer when they demanded money.

Funeral of Mureed will be held at Mianwali’s Piplan.

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