BMW Heavy Bike “R1100 KHAN” Blade Runner Launched

BMW has introduced a BMW Heavy Bike named “R1100 KHAN”, a sharp blade runner just like the one in the movies by designer named “Mehmet Doruk Erdem”. Turkish designer  “Erdem” has worked in the past on around eight motorcycles with unique features. BMW R1100 Bike has been introduced that is a blade runner, radically designed with extraordinary amazing performance capabilities. It may be the most classic invention of times.

BMW Heavy Bike “R1100 Khan”

If we look at the specification of “Khan” then BMW R1100 R twin-cylinder boxer engine. Apart from this twin-engine, it has a front-heavy wasp-inspired exterior. It is much like Erdem’s Alpha concept, “R1100 Khan” comprises of a naked frame at the rear. Another major feature of this unique bike is the large rear wheel with a seat in the middle, which is resting on a twin-suspension.

This new beast BMW by Erdem is beautiful from every angle and surely has the capability to make a difference from the past vehicles. “Khan” has a posture that wherever you stand and see this beauty, its dark shades and outlines will be shown separately from the edge. Moreover, it looks quite dangerous from the front with a sharp blade runner. I mean just look at the fine shape of this motorcycle.

It is designed truly according to the imagination of heavy bike lovers. Manufacturers have designed this classic BMW heavy bike “R1100 KHAN BMW” with dramatic and mesmerizing ideas. This is such an aesthetic work of Turkish designer that nobody can deny.

One cannot stand in the way of Mehmet Doruk Erdem’s “Khan” as it zoomed towards you with its dangerous looks. This idea has been exercised based on the science fiction movies we keenly watch. And this breathtaking model of BMW will definitely be the otherworldly masterpiece.

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