Bill Gates Said Letting Google Launch Android Was A Mistake

Bill Gates a co-founder of the largest software company Microsoft revealed his biggest mistake of letting Google launch Android in an interview. He is the most successful tech entrepreneur who is also a business magnate, investor, author, philanthropist, and humanitarian. Bill Gates even after becoming the most successful man still regrets his this decision.

Bill Gates mistake was Letting Google Launch Android 

He said in an interview that winners take all the market in the software world of different platforms. He admits his greatest mistake of engaging in the certain thing that did not let Microsoft reach the point, where Android is today. Android is basically a non-Apple platform and it was a natural thing for Microsoft to win.

Gates further said that as an independent company it is a winner who can take all the market. There is a room for only one non-Apple operating systems. It’s worth would be $400 billion which can be transferred from company G (Google) to the company M (Microsoft).

In 2005, the search giant Google purchased Android for only $50 million. It was admitted by the former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt that their main goal was to beat the Microsoft. They were concerned about the Microsoft strategy becoming successful.

Eventually, we all know that Android became the greatest operating system in the world and defeated windows smartphones. The confession by Bill Gates about losing to Google was actually something that happened in the Steve era when he missed making up to the mobile opportunity.

Bill Gates also mocked the iPhone saying that it is one of the most expensive phones in the world but it does not appeal to the business customers because it lacks keyboard.

He said that despite the fact that Microsoft has lost the opportunity to reach to the level of Android, it is still very strong. Bill Gates said that if it were not a mistake Microsoft would be “the leading company” instead of “a leading company”.

Moreover, Bill Gates shared his regrets that Microsoft is a leading company and if it got the one right, it would have been the company. But Oh! Well.

The 63-year-old shared his work experience that he never believed in weekends or vacations. He told in an interview that he has sacrificed a lot in balancing the work/life level. When he reached to his 30s, he finally relaxed his mind and started loving the weekends.

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