We all love it when “Bhola” says his famous dialogue “HAYEE HAYEE MAZEYY” a challenging character played by famous actor Imran Ashraf. Imran Ashraf played the most difficult role and no doubt as per his interviews, he was so uncertain about the character. He feared that whether the people will love this role or not. This was the most challenging character as he played the role of a mentally challenging person. This dialogue is so popular nowadays as it is on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

BHOLA and his Funny lines

Hum Tv is trending this amazing serial named “Ranjha Ranjha Kardi”, under the direction of Kashif Nisar on every Saturday. The whole cast revolves around two brilliant and versatile actors Imran Ashraf and Iqra Aziz. Almost all the actors in this drama are doing justice to their characters.

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Iqra Aziz is the character “Noori”, who is bold, blunt and rebel throughout her life. She belonged to a sweeper’s family and rejected to adopt the same as her parents. While her life runs around the crave for knowledge and respect.
Bhola sees the world from his own perspective like an innocent child inside the grown up man. His purest intentions can be seen through his little wishes of going into the circus and to eat gol gappas. Bhola amuses its audience every time he says “Hayee Hayee Mazeyy”. People love to use this line so casually now and all the credit goes to Imran Ashraf who deliver this dialogue with so much excitement whenever he is happy.

What makes us laugh more and fell in love with Bhola is another tag line

“Main Hoon Aur Mere Sath Bhi Main Hoon”

Bhola expects truth from everyone and whenever he finds that something is wrong he says the funnier thing JHOOTI JHOOTI MEESNI…
While the other song he kept singing throughout the whole serial is;

Yaar de Veray ai tap tap Galiyan, Labdi Phiran main tenu mal mal Akhiyan”  from another famous drama “Manmayal”.

With every coming episode, Bhola makes us laugh harder through his HAYEE HAYEE MAZEYY dialogue and make us worry about his condition at moments. Bhola is the one who does not accept the double standards of this world and to him, life is simple. To “BHOLA” life is as simple as his fun line “HAYEE HAYEE MAZEYY” which every time he says loudly with passion, gives everyone the hope to live happily.

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