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The scorching heat of the Summer season usually makes us all feel sluggish, our routine changes and we prefer to sit idly under the AC . This habit will unintentionally also make us care less about ourselves, for instance you might restrain working out. Similarly, you would stop paying attention to your skin, eat large amounts of unhealthy food that will affect your weight and your face as well. But there’s no need to worry since you’ll find plenty of ideas to get Natural ways to clear skin despite your lazy attitude. You don’t need to put in much effort just a simple habit can help improve your skin. 

Natural Ways to Clear Skin

  1. Drink Water: Drink at least 2 litres of water every day to get a fresh looking and glowing skin.
  2. Cleanse Your Makeup: Make sure that you never let makeup stay on your skin for too long. Do a proper face cleanse every night prior to bedtime.
  3. Use Treatment Pads: Always keep a pre-soaked treatment pad pack that contains all the essentials that give you pimple free and clear skin
  4. Use An Overnight Mask: This is the easiest of them all and will help improve skin. Put on your favourite mask before you jump into bed and let it heal your skin. 
  5. Pillowcase Swap: Every week, make sure you change your pillowcase to a freshly cleaned. This prevents your pores from being clogged with the dirt and oils. 
  6. Avoid Unnecessary Products: Don’t use every other product you see in magazines or on social media, not all the products are suitable to get clear skin. 
  7. Face Towel: Don’t roughly dry your face with a towel ever, just dab it on your face gently. Make sure you keep a separate towel and aren’t using your body and hair towels to wipe your face dry. Wash that towel once a week to maintain cleanliness.
  8. Use Sunscreen: Every time you step out in the sun don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your face in order to prevent sunburn, discoloration, allergies, or irritation. Regular application of sunscreen can visibly improve your skin.
  9. Disinfect Your Phone: Always keep your phone screen clean and it will also help get clear skin since we are on our phones 24/7. The same hands that touch the phone will end up on your face. This exposes your face to dust and other substances that can potentially clog your pores.
  10. No Zit Picking: If you see a pimple pop out avoid touching it and picking your skin. This will leave some intense scars that won’t leave you so easy.

Have a happy Summer with these tips and get clear skin.




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