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Solar panels are the main part of the solar system. Solar panels work well in this system by collecting sunlight and converting it into energy. There are some best solar panels in Pakistan which have the capability to end the energy crisis. Some of the solar panels in Pakistan with affordable prices are mentioned here. These are Sunpower, Suntech Power, Canadian Solar, and German solar panel at affordable prices in Pakistan. Solar panel price in Pakistan depends upon the capacity you are interested in.

Suntech Power

Solar Energy Requirement

In order to aid the energy deficit issue in Pakistan after utilizing generators and UPS, solar panels are something more effective than the rest of them.

Pakistan is slowly adopting this technology of the solar system and it has many highest valued insolation in the world. Solar panel Pakistan inaugurated the first solar power on May 22, 2012, in Islamabad.

The solar system is the renewable energy source which is not only effective to overcome the deficit of energy source but it is also environmentally friendly. The solar system begins in Pakistan through Clean Energy with Solar Electricity Generation System.

The Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA has provided a special grant under the Coolio Earth Partnership. In Pakistan, solar plants are available in Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, and Kashmir.

International Renewable Energy Agency, Pakistani private sector energy companies, the Japan International Cooperation Agency inaugurated this amazing facility of the solar energy system. These are some private sector energy companies in Pakistan.

There are many solar companies that are offering the best solar energy panels at competitive prices. The best solar panel manufacturing companies are mentioned below.

Best Solar Panels Companies In Pakistan

Some of the best solar panels Pakistan is mentioned here. Above all, they are offering a reliable energy system at affordable prices.

Sun Power

best solar panels in pakistan

Sun Power has become one of the leading innovative companies in the global market, which provides solar panels at an affordable rate. It is providing high energy, solar power system which is effective and efficient in the long-term.

In addition, it is offering the fulfillment of the solar energy requirement of not only the domestic sector but the commercial and industrial sectors as well. It is offering the most reliable solar system technology that is going to lower your expenses on the energy sector.

Sun Power Solar panel price in Pakistan may vary depending upon the Watt they are offering. Moreover, Sun Power USA 400W Solar Panel price in Pakistan is Rs. 38,000 with exceptional value and trusted quality.


Canadian Solar

solar panel price in pakistan

Canadian Solar Company clearly makes a difference in providing quality products and services to the customers and meet their energy demand. This Canadian enterprise has subsidiaries in around 20 countries on 6 continents.

This is a global solar energy system provider company that aims at manufacturing a solar PV module. Further, it is committed to providing a turn-key solar energy solution.

There are two types of solar panels that come under the Canadian Solar package.

Andes Solar Home System

It is one of the best solar panels in Pakistan that will allow you to enjoy the perks of electricity in an economical way. Canadian Solar panels are specially designed. Certainly, the aim is to meet the energy needs of those people who live in remote areas.

Some of the basic technical details of this solar energy system are as follows:

  • Powered by 30W
  • 705*619*350mm in size
  • Weight of solar panels is around 17.5 kg


Maple Light and Charging solution

Maple light and charging solution is the best choice for those who do not want to miss any chance to capture their moments while going on a trip. This Canadian solar system is like a savior if your phone or camera battery gets drained.

It is particularly designed for you to recharge your camera before taking amazing pictures. Technical information on this system is as follows:

  • Powered by 15-50 Wh per day
  • Its size is 210*165*160mm
  • The weight of this solar system is 0.78 kg

Canadian solar panel price in Pakistan is Rs 18,500 with 250W.

Canadian Solar 330Watt Poly Solar Panel is available at Rs 17,499


Suntech Power

german solar panel price in pakistan

Suntech Power Company is one of the leading manufacturers in the world. This company is mostly connected to designing photovoltaic solar systems. These photovoltaic solar systems are not only reliable, high quality but also higher in cost performances.

Suntech Power is related to the manufacturing of crystalline silicon solar cells and modules. In short, Suntech Power is engaged in making a difference in providing green energy to a number of houses.


Saronic German

Saronic German is related to the manufacturing and sale of PV products and services. Its mission is to create a future that is green and concerned with the development of independent innovations.

Moreover, German solar panels are the Top solar panels in Pakistan. This company has passed management system certifications as well. These certifications involve ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001. German solar panel price in Pakistan may vary depending upon the Watt, it is offering along with the battery capacity.


Frequently Asked Questions

5kw solar system price in Pakistan?

Solar panels are need of the hour these days as prices of electricity are rapidly increasing and also there is a lot of fluctuation of light in Pakistan. The solar panel price in Pakistan varies a lot. A 5KW solar system costs around Rs 52000 to Rs 53000 in Pakistan.

325-watt solar panel price in Pakistan?

Solar panels are need of the hour these days as prices of electricity are rapidly increasing and also there is a lot of fluctuation of light in Pakistan. The price of solar panels differs a lot in Pakistan. A 325-watt solar panel starts from RS 14,850 and goes up to RS 20,130 in the country of Pakistan

3000-watt solar panel price in Pakistan?

There are many companies such as Risen, Trina, Topra, Tesla, and many others that manufacture and sell solar panels in Pakistan. The solar panel price in Pakistan varies a lot. The price of a 3000-watt solar panel costs around Rs 234600 to Rs 355500 

150-watt solar panel price in Rawalpindi?

There are quite a few companies, such as solar energy, sheriff international, Protective Systems (Pvt) Ltd, ATS Engineering Sales & Services and many other inside Rawalpindi that sells solar products to their clients. The price of solar panels is not the same for all companies. The price of a 150-watt solar panel in Rawalpindi starts from Rs. 8,250

5 KW solar system price in Pakistan?

There are both small and big companies/organizations that manufacture solar panels. The solar panel price in Rawalpindi varies a lot. A 5 KW solar panel system is quite expensive and comes with a price of Rs 510000 to Rs 558000 

German solar panel price in Pakistan?

German quality solar panels are one of the best quality solar panels in the world. The  German type starts from around Rs 12500.

Solar panel system price in Karachi?

A solar panel price in Pakistan can differ across cities, due to many factors. The minimum cost of a solar panel system in Karachi is about Rs 50000.

330-watt solar panel price in Pakistan

A Solar Panel of 330 watts starts from Rs 14850 and can go up to Rs 20130.

What are the 3 types of solar panels?

The most popular 3 types of solar panels, available in the market, are monocrystalline, polycrystalline (also known as multi-crystalline), and thin-film. 

Which type of solar panel is best for home use?

Monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels are the best options for home use. The prices for both these types can vary across cities and companies.

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