What Are the Best Social Media Management Apps 2020

You have just started a business, let’s say, an online e-commerce portal, you want to boost your business and in the trending digital world of today, it is a must for everyone to have the business a well-maintained social media standing on all platforms. Or in this case, if you are running a digital marketing agency and you have multiple clients, the best free social media management tools are compulsory. Because you need apps for all social media handling for your multiple clients or a single client with multiple social platforms.

Not only will these substantially handle you and ease away from all the stress at one point. The social media management apps will boost your business through the handling of multiple social profiles, scheduling posts in advance, run multiple contests, and boosting strategies, tracking the analytics of the social campaigns on any social platform which is being used. So let’s Explore the best free social media management tools.


Here, we have compiled a list of apps for all social media platforms which can transform your marketing headache of days and months in seconds.

Hootsuite – Best Social Network Software



Wherever you go, whatever you do, Hootsuite is the name you will hear, at the top of all. Most agents and people love it so, that they have a special place for Hootsuite in their heart. Hootsuite just makes everything easy, regardless of the hectic addition of accounts, post scheduling, and the addition of account managers as well. In addition to the basics of a social media management app, they also provide a training platform that teaches the users to think about the social media marketing strategy. Hootsuite is one of the oldest social media management app, since 2008. For free, they offer

  • Manages 3 social profiles at one place
  • Generate leads with Social Campaigns
  • Schedule a total of 30 posts

Paid Plans

  • $29    1 user/month, 10 social profiles, unlimited posting
  • $129    3 users/month, 20 social profiles, unlimited posting
  • $599 (for annual billing), 5 users/month, 35 social profiles, unlimited posting


Buffer – Best Social Networking Software


The buffer is one of the best social media management apps out there, which can let you easily boost your business on the social media platforms through the scheduling of all posts on a variety of social platforms. Buffer gives you the advantage of customizing each post on separate platforms. It has an additional feature that allows you to post depending on your follower’s activity.

The buffer-free package offers you to manage three social profiles, and schedule you up to ten posts, and even use it through a chrome extension and so far, the best, mobile (Android/iOS).

  • $15,1 user/month, 8 social profiles, limited to 100 posts per month per profile
  • $99,5 users/month, 25 social profiles, limited to 2,000 posts per month per profile
  • $199,10 users/month, 50 social profiles, limited to 2,000 posts per month per profile
  • $399,25 users/month, 150 social profiles, limited to 2,000 posts per month per profile
  • Plus Buffer Reply: $415,3 users/month, 15 social profiles (supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Buffer supports: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest


Sprout Social – Free Social Media Marketing Software


It is also counted as the best featured social media management app for digital marketing, Forbes recently reported that their digital team uses Sprout Social. It lets you monitor your client’s social media mentions, schedule the content in advance, and has several tools that report the analytics to design future strategies. Although it is similar to Hootsuite, it has all in one place, monitoring, scheduling, and analytics to guide you. Additionally, it comes with a Social Inbox, through which you can reply and chat with your clients/customers of all social platforms in one place. Additionally, it has a keyword research feature through which you can easily monitor your brand activity engagement among the followers of social media.


  • $99    1 users/month, 5 social profiles
  • $149   1 users/month, 10 social profiles
  • $249 1 users/month, 10 social profiles


Iconosquare – Post to Multiple Social Networks Free

Known for the depth that it offers when managing social media accounts, and specifically, Instagram, next in the list of best social media management apps is Iconosquare – A powerful analytics, management & scheduling platform. 

Initially when it was founded back in 2011, this all in one social media app aimed at providing a platform to monitor business statistics and performance of Instagram accounts. Now in 2020, having also incorporated Facebook analytics in its domain, Iconosquare finds itself in the list of the most-visited sites in the world. Through the use of advanced, easy to use, & intelligible analytics offered by Statigram, later rebranded to Iconosquare, one can easily expand their social media presence. Its customized dashboard coupled with easy navigation is another key feature that cannot be ignored. Even the display speaks for itself through clean white backgrounds and eye-catching color themes. 

 Extra efficient, multi-profile management offered by Iconosquare also stands out because one has the option of scheduling content to be posted later. Using the feed preview tab,  it is also possible to review the content beforehand. Some of the other best built-in features in this regard are, the right time to post, geolocation, and user tagging. These best social media management tools ensure that published content reaches the right people at the right time leading to more leads, engagement, and traffic.


  • $29 a month for Pro plan (Includes two team members, three social profiles, and limited features). Suitable for small businesses & professional marketers.
  • $59 a month for Advanced Plan (Includes three team members, five social profiles, and a full set of features). Suitable for marketing teams.


Sendible – Top Social Media Management tool


Another one of the leading social media management apps is Sendible. If a brand has a story to tell, then this best all in one social media app will help amplify their voice. What started in 2009 as a distribution network, grew exponentially in the later years and now stands proud as a full-fledged tool for agencies and brands. Having its compatibility with almost all leading social networks and the offering of the best free social media management tools is a key sign in this regard. 

Be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Pinterest, Sendible can easily connect and ensure lead generation easily. It can be done so by setting up a keyword alert under the keywords tab, where you are given the liberty to choose specific targeted keywords. Afterward, one can simply browse through the results and design marketing plans accordingly. 

A must-have ‘scheduling tool’ enables one to queue up posts to ensure maximum engagement, automatically repost best-performing content, and keep a check on all pending updates through the help of a shared calendar displays across all connected networks. Some best free social media management tools of Sendible include analytics & collaboration tools.


  • $29/month for solo Entrepreneurs (includes 1 user, 12 services, and 8 quick reports).
  • $99/month for startup agencies (includes 3 users, 48 services, and 15 reports).
  • $199/month for growing agencies (includes 7 users, 105 services, and 35 reports).
  • $299/month for large teams (includes 12 users, 192 services, and 60 reports).


 Tailwind – Best Social Media Scheduler

Specific for Pinterest accounts, Tailwind has also emerged as one of the best social media management tools. Its success is visible through the fact that on average, members of Tailwind are enabled to get 6.9x more repins on Pinterest. Not only that, but even Instagram users are also getting at least 1.8x more likes through its use.  

This best all in one social media app excels at managing Pinterest and Instagram accounts through the use of key features such as the availability of tools to schedule content for later posting and keeping performance tracks. For Pinterest, there is a ‘smart loop’ tab on your dashboard through the use of which one can set up auto reposting of selected Pins. In order to assist you in getting maximum engagement, the smart scheduler feature predicts the best publishing timeline. Tailwind even suggests trending content, gives you recommendations through the usage of monitoring tools designed specifically for Pinterest. Pixel-matching technology coupled with image recognition features only have increased its popularity.


  • $9.99/month for Pinterest Plus (Annual Plan includes one account, unlimited scheduling, 250 Free SmartLoop Posts & 5 Free Tailwind Tribes)
  • $9.99/month for Instagram Plus (Annual Plan includes one Instagram profile, unlimited scheduling, 1-Click Hashtag Suggestions, & smart. bio custom link)


Post Planner – Manage Social Media from one Platform


Post Planner is one of the best social media management tools for selecting, organizing, and posting content online for all social media accounts. Its greatest advantage happens to be its low pricing that ensures that it stands out when providing similar features to other applications. It is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

One never runs out of ideas while using the services offered by Post Planner. This is why it makes it to the list of top-rated social media management apps. Its recommendation engine seeks content which is the most popular, or is top-performing and presents you with new ideas to explore every time you log in. Only that content falls in the recommended list that has at least a 4-star rating or above. Plus it also helps you in minimizing the guesswork that is associated with social media, as the 5-star rating system of Post Planner lets you figure out the popularity of your content even before you have posted it.   

Having a pool of content, ready to be posted pays off when one has the liberty to choose a schedule of choice for posting that will ensure the greatest engagement and results. For this, all one has to do is to choose the best content for posting (be it photos or articles) and then add that to the composer (specific of Post Planner) to create posts and tweets. One can even re-order the schedule easily through a simple drag and drop. 

Post Planner simplifies everything and that leaves more time to focus on the growth of the online community. The collaborative features of this all in one social media app let you build a strong team too where you can assign different roles to different people to make them more efficient. 


  • From $3/month for the Starter Package (includes 3 accounts, 30 posts per day, 300 planned posts, 1user, and content discovery).
  • From $9/month for Love Package (includes 10 social accounts, 100 posts per day, 1000 posts planned, one user, and content discovery).
  • $19/month for Guru Package (includes 25 social accounts, 500 posts per day, unlimited posts planned, 5 users, and content discovery).


MeetEdgar – Best Social Media Management tool


Compatible with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, MeetEdgar is one of the best social media management apps for automating your posts. Unlike the rest of the apps discussed above, MeetEdgar can only schedule your posts but it is its automation that makes it unique.

By automation, it is meant that MeetEdgar will write your posts for you. From articles/blogs, MeetEdgar auto-detects quote-worthy text, and one simply has to choose from the different options that are presented and share. All one needs to do is to click on the ‘auto-generate variations’ tab.

There is no other tool that offers this feature and practically writes updates for you to post. An important thing in this regard is that when this best all in one social media app generates variations of already posted content, one can easily repost/recycle past updates without duplications.  


  • $19/month for the Eddie Plan (includes up to 3 connected social accounts,10 automated scheduled posts/week & 4 content categories)
  • $49/month for the Edgar Plan which happens to be the most popular (includes up to 25 connected social accounts, 1000 automated scheduled posts/week & unlimited content categories)
I hope you would like our Efforts in putting up this Article pertaining to the best free social media management tools, that one can use to increase Engagement & Brand Equity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an app to manage all social media?

Hootsuite will certainly cover all your needs if you’re looking for a full service to all of your social media management requirements. The application works with over 35 socials media, consisting of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, as well as Pinterest.


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