Best Restaurants In Lahore-Ultimate Guide

best restaurants in Lahore

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Lahore is one of the cities of Pakistan known for its heritage and food. In fact, the best restaurants in Lahore are incomparable to the ones elsewhere. People from other cities travel there to taste the rich food. Moreover, best restaurants in DHA Lahore serve all types of food. You can find everything ranging from Desi, Italian, Chinese, Continental, Thai to best Lebanese restaurants in Lahore. Besides the dine in places you can also find best delivery restaurants in Lahore. They’ll deliver satisfactory food services at your doorstep. The best restaurants in Lahore for lunch, dinner, snacking and desserts are mentioned below. This article will list down eateries that will make your trip to the City of Gardens even better. Therefore , you won’t miss out on the great food and services of love and hospitality.

Best Restaurants in Lahore

According to ranking and reviews of the visitors, this article will list down the best restaurants in Lahore. These eateries promise the best quality of food and services.

Andaaz Restaurant

This restaurant is located in the walled city of Lahore. You can have a view of Badshahi Mosque from the seats in the restaurant. This place offers Pakistani cuisine with vegan friendly options. The meal price ranges from 2500 Rs to 8000 Rs.

Andaaz Restaurant
source: Andaaz FB Page

If you are a food lover with a taste of romantic environment, then visit Andaaz restaurant.

Monal Lahore

Source: YouTube: Noreen Fatima

This restaurant is located on the tenth floor of Park and Ride Plaza liberty. The best restaurant in Lahore for lunch, dinner and dessert. All sorts of cuisine ranging from Desi, the Continental to Chinese are available.

The seating arrangements are classy. The restaurant has five outdoor terraces for a great view of Lahore. Monal has made a mark in Lahore with special barbeque and vegan friendly diet specials. Gluten free foods are also available for people with food allergies. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to worry about what is on your plate.

Yum! Chinese and Thai Restaurant

Yum! Chinese and Thai Restaurant

This restaurant is located in Gulberg ,Lahore. Its cuisine is Asian, Chinese, and Thai. You can have lunch and dinner there. All meals are halal and gluten free. Great parking space is available for customers. Also, it is also one of the best delivery restaurants Lahore. This restaurant serves more than 20 unique meals.

Cafe Aylanto

Cafe Aylanto

It is one expensive joint for classy people, which is located at MM Alam road Gulberg. This restaurant serves European and International foods. The price range is from 3500 Rs to 15,000 Rs. The regular customers praise about the dining services and the atmosphere of the place.

Spice Bazaar

Spice Bazaar
source: Spice Bazaar FB Page

This restaurant is ranked #5 in the list, but it offers a unique experience. At this eatery you can enjoy free valet services besides hospitable staff. You can have brunch, lunch, and dinner there. The restaurant serves Asian, barbeque, and Pakistani cuisine. The prices are affordable, and you can take away food. All meals are halal and gluten free.

Best Lebanese restaurant in Lahore

Lebanese and Mid-Eastern food is quite an attraction in Lahore. That’s why you will find many outlets of Mid-Eastern food. Here’s a list of the 5 best Lebanese restaurant in Lahore.

L’ Auberge

This restaurant is located in Flatties hotel, and it serves the Mid-Eastern, and Lebanese food. The seating arrangements are outdoors, and you can have dinner in candle light. All meals are halal and gluten free. In addition to that, you can also take away food.

Cock ‘n’ Bull

This place is located in Liberty, Gulberg, next to Salt & Pepper. You can order halal food there. The menu includes fast food and Mid-Eastern food. Their special bread rolls are amazing. This restaurant serves more than 15 unique meals.



It is one good running restaurant. And it is located on Khayaban-e- Firdousi, Johar Town. Their menu includes Pakistani, Mid-Eastern, and makes them the best Lebanese restaurant in Lahore. Their customer service is excellent. It is a highly recommended eatery with excellent customer reviews.

Al-Madina Family Restaurant And Barbeque

This restaurant is located on the Multan road near Manga Mandi. Their speciality is their diverse range of meal options. You can order Indian, Pakistani, Asian, Lebanese, and mid-eastern food there. The restaurant has a huge space for parking, and you can also enjoy their outdoor seating arrangements.


source: Norouz FB Page

This is the best restaurant in DHA Lahore. The admirable thing about it is their rates and service. Their prices start from 341 to 1500 Rs. Besides Pakistani and Persian food it is also the best Lebanese restaurant in Lahore. Their seating arrangement is indoors, which is decorated beautifully.


Best Restaurants In DHA Lahore

The Commercial areas of DHA are cluttered with all types of restaurants, but we bring you the best restaurants In DHA Lahore. Therefore, here are the ones you must visit when you’re in Lahore.

X2 Pan Asian

X2 Pan Asian
Source: X2 Pan Asian FB Page

This is a unique restaurant that holds a reputation of designer meals. Their chefs are amazing for their recipes. You can order your food with right substitutes. Their service is absolutely fantastic. Moreover, you can receive your order served to you in under 20 minutes. You will have fine dining experience.

Sweet affairs

Sweet affairs
source: Sweet Affairs FB Page

If you want to indulge in baking fantasies and fast food, then do visit Sweet Affairs. It follows no specific cuisine. Moreover, you can find every type of snacks theirs. The restaurant offers multiple variety cakes, shakes, and pizzas. The seating arrangement is classic with a person serving at every table.

Thanda Garam

Thanda Garam
source : Thanda Garam FB Page

This restaurant is famous for its brunch. You can enjoy French toast with their wide range of smoothies there. For lunch, you can order steaks and ribs. Their brunch service is open only for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Outpost BYOB

Outpost BYOB
source: Outpost BYOB FB Page

This is one of the best restaurants in DHA Lahore for burger freaks. Therefore, if you want to enjoy big burgers, filled with red meat, and dripping cheese, then do visit Outpost BYOB. Their menu includes more than ten types of burgers. They also offer family and multiple person deals.

Best Delivery Restaurants In Lahore

One of the best delivery restaurants in Lahore will be listed down below. In case you’re feeling too lazy to cook.


best lebanese restaurant lahore

It is located on MM Alam road Gulberg. You can order Portuguese and European food there. All meals are halal and high quality food is served. They charge extra for their delivery services.

Bundu Khan:

Bundu Khan , best lebanese restaurant lahore
source: Bundu Khan FB Page

This restaurant is located on Mall Road. It is open from 10 am to 2 am. You can order Pakistani, Barbeque, and Asian food. The best delivery restaurant in Lahore. Moreover, they don’t have any extra delivery charges.

BBQ Tonight Lahore

BBQ Tonight Lahore , best lebanese restaurant lahore
source: BBQ Tonight FB Page

It is located in Phase 3 DHA. The only serve lunch and dinners, but you can have a late night party at their place. The restaurant provides all types of BBQ, and Desi food.


Unquestionably McDonalds is the king of fast food chains. Moreover, it has a special place in the hearts of every fast food junkie. One of the best delivery restaurants in Lahore, located in Shadman. McDonalds only serves fast food and American food. Their delivery policy involves a certain limit.

Grill ’n’ Bake

Grill ’n’ Bake
source: Grill ’n’ Bake FB Page

It is located in Model town extension. Their cuisine includes BBQ, mid-Eastern, and Pakistani meals. The price range starts from 1400 Rs to 3200 Rs.

Best Restaurants In Lahore For Lunch:

We’ve picked out a few of the best restaurants in Lahore for lunch.

Cafe Zouk

Cafe Zouk , best-restaurants-in-lahore
source: Cafe Zouk FB Page

It is located on MM Alam road. Their speciality is their wide range of soups. You can order more than 5 different varieties of soup at Cafe Zouk. Moreover, all vegan and halal options are available there.

Salt n Pepper

Salt n Pepper , best-restaurants-in-lahore
source: Salt n Pepper FB Page

It is located in Liberty Market, Lahore. You can order International and Asian cuisine there. Their prices are affordable.

Qabail Tribe

Qabail Tribe , best-restaurants-in-lahore
source: Qabail Tribe FB Page

It is located on MM Alam road. Their speciality is meat dishes and Afghani cuisine. Their BBQ has special techniques, due to which, you will find addictive tastes.


This restaurant is located on Mall road under the umbrella of Pearl Continental Hotel. Also, this is the best restaurant in Lahore for lunch. They only serve Asian and Chinese cuisine. You can have a businessman’s lunch at their place. All vegan options are available there. The Taipan is an expensive but quality restaurant.


It is located on the Mall road. And it is one best restaurant for Japanese food. You can find the best sushi there, and they also have vegan options. The seating environment is just like a place in traditional Japan.

Pick up your Wallet and Taste the Paradise!

Lahore is a city with great adventures in food. If you plan to eat well in Lahore, then remember the restaurants, mentioned-above.

It will take you a few weeks to eat at all of them. But believe me, it will be worthwhile. So pick your first restaurant from the list and go for an adventure in the realm of tastes.

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