Best Men’s Dress Shirts to Wear in 2019.

Whether its start of the week, a formal business meeting, conference or a night out with your buddies, you just have to look the best. The shirt should not be just too tight, not too loose, not too fit, it just has to fit the best and look perfect on you. But that’s just not it, even after finding the perfect fit, you have to make sure you are going with the exquisite design and correct matching patterns with your outfit of the day. Here, we have compiled three shirts which are the best men’s dress shirts to wear in 2019. Do you want a button down or just a normal collar? Do you want a pocket or plain sides? The limitless options can be pretty confusing to figure out the best for you.

Here are some Best Men’s Dress Shirts to wear in 2019


1. The White Cotton Shirt

best men's dress shirts, men's dress shirts, shirts to wear in 2019

Quick, you have a minute to figure a shirt to wear on any occasion and the first one is always white. This is the #1 Dress shirt to wear and a must have in every men closet. Either a professional address or a handout with buddies, this shirt just goes with everything. Not just that, but it looks good with a suit and tie, under a V or a round-neck sweater with jeans. In the case of tieless choice, make the collars semi-spread.

White Shirt is the Best Men’s Dress Shirt to wear in 2019

2. The Light Blue:

best men's dress shirts, men's dress shirts, shirts to wear in 2019

Not as tidy as the number, but with a Khaki or a navy blue suit, a light blue shirt is OH MY GOD!! But before choosing a blue one, it should be light, not a navy blue. It is considered less formal than a white but still, it is one of the best. The buttons on the shirts should be either white or white bony coloured to make it outrageous.

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3. The Bengali Thin Striped Shirt:

best men's dress shirts, men's dress shirts, shirts to wear in 2019

Combination of a white and a blue shirt can be beyond the imaginations. And upon doing so, you get a thinly striped shirt. And blue cannot be the only option, you can choose anywhere from grey, black, and others. They work great tieless, under a V-neck with jeans or a chino.



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