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Can you still find clothing at the 12-year old section? Does your bony structure keep you from gracefully carrying your favourite dress? There’s no need to worry about how to gain weight anymore. You don’t have to aggressively chomp down tons of fries, burgers and pizzas in a day. All you need to do to gain weight is to switch up your diet and add healthier foods with higher calories in it. Weight gain foods list depends upon your choices or we can say the type of food you enjoy. Some Like Proteins, in their Diet on the other hand, some prefers Healty Drinks.

Obesity is one of the biggest health issues across the globe. Similarly, being underweight is as bad for your health. It increases the risk of impaired immune system, increased vulnerability to infections, bone and fertility problems. Being underweight is more detrimental to a man’s health than it is for a woman’s health. 

Here’s a list of weight gain foods list you must add to your diet that will help you gain weight. 

Protein Smoothies: 

Protein is the vital nutrient of our body. Increased and calculated protein consumption can help gain weight fast. It will increase your muscle mass and cover up your bony structure, making it look healthier. You can make protein shakes easily at home and consume them every morning or after your workout.


Nuts And Nut Butters: 

This is the tastiest and healthiest source of protein and fats. A perfect addition to your weight gain diet. You can either consume them as snacks, add them to your smoothies ,or any of your dishes. You can consume Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches for breakfast with a smoothie containing almond milk.

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Red Meat: 

Red meat is by far the best healthy foods to gain weight & muscle-building food available on the market and also a natural source of creatine. Creatine is widely used as a supplement by people who are building muscle. If you eat fatty meat it will be more helpful in weight gain since it has more calories.

gain weight fast



We all absolutely adore potatoes, no matter what shape or form they’re presented to us in. Potatoes are rich in calories and will help you gain weight and also expand your body’s glycogen storage. If you’re working out to gain as well, make sure to eat potatoes daily. 

gain weight, calorieWhole-Grain Bread: 

Replace your daily normal bread with whole grain bread. It is a great source of carbohydrates and will help you gain weight. You can eat it with eggs, meat or cheese for a protein and carbohydrate loaded meal.


Make a planner on how and when to consume what kind of micronutrients. Always keep track of your caloric intake to make sure your diet isn’t calorie deficit. 




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