The Best Essential Oil for Sinus And Headache

There comes a time when you get surrounded by a person who smells like he or she bathed in cologne and this will definitely pound your head. So, in turn to this, you can sniff the best essential oil for sinus headache with opposite effects. Several health specialists reported that essential oils for migraines are helpful in different ways. Sometimes the essential oil blend for headache benefits physically. It makes your head, neck, and face muscles relax that focuses on headaches. After the local application of essential oil blend for headache, it can accelerate the blood flow to the forehead. Mainly, CBD oil for migraines is most beneficial. It even gets used in certain pain-relieving medications. Peppermint oil for migraines is also significant oil. It refreshes the mood and relieves migraines.



Best Essential Oils for Headaches

Since high school, I’ve had migraines. The headaches became multi-day migraines that knocked me out when I got married. My body and hormones seem to have changed. I started taking birth control, and my migraines were in regular sequence around the same time each month. My doctor advised me to take birth control continuously so that I wouldn’t go through my monthly cycle, preventing estrogen from decreasing. That worked for a while. But when it came time for me to stop taking birth control, my condition began all over again.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I figured out how to use essential oils that I was able to take headache pain management into my own hands without taking pills or prescriptions. So, in this article, I’d want to share what I learned with you pertaining to essential oil blend for headaches.

How Can Essential Oils Help?

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that have a diverse range of beneficial properties. So, consider plants in their most pure form! It’s incredible and 100 percent natural. Oils have been shown to reduce anxiety, aid sleep and relaxation, and aid with a variety of ailments including headaches and migraines.

My Favorite Essential Oils

I alternate oils because each has its own set of advantages. I choose them depending on the desired result or the current problem I’m dealing with. Some essential oils can help to reduce stress, which can aid in the relief of tension headaches, and pain. As previously said, I’ve struggled with headaches and migraines for a long time. So I’ve done my fair share of experimenting with different oils. Each type of headache is addressed by one of my favorite essential oils. So let’s explore the essential oil blend for headache.

  1. Tension Headache: These are the worst headaches I’ve ever experienced. My shoulders rise up to my ears as my muscles become tenser and tenser. It’s not really oil that I enjoy using. There is a combination of oils in it, but let me tell you… it works! It’s Young Living’s CBD Muscle Rub, which contains menthol and a slew of other fragrant oils such as camphor, clove, helichrysum, lemon, peppermint tea tree wintergreen
  2. Stress headaches: I like to use a soothing oil like Lavender, Eucalyptus, or Peace & Calming as the first step, followed by a hot oil like Peppermint to take my mind away from the pain. To my temples, I apply peppermint while the soothing oils absorb into my neck.
  3. PMS Headache: I get PMS headaches occasionally. They typically occur as a result of estrogen and progesterone levels dropping in your body. To counteract this, add progesterone. Progesterone Plus and Peppermint Essential Oils are essential for treating PMS headaches.
  4. Dehydration Headache: I’d attack a dehydration headache from two different directions. The first approach is to combat dehydration by diluting my water with Lemon Essential Oil and increasing hydration. To treat the pain or symptoms of the headache, I’d massage peppermint oil on pain points such as temples, right below the occipital bones (back of neck), shoulders, and maybe jawline.
  5. Sinus Headaches: Because of the substantial pressure in your sinus cavity, these headaches generally happen. To empty your sinuses, I’d apply Lavender and Copaiba Oil to your cheekbone, right below your eye, followed by Eucalyptus behind the ears. All of these oils should aid in drainage to help clear out that sinus. In order to manage the discomfort, I’d utilize Peppermint Essential Oil on sore areas – temples, back of neck between the occipital bones (back of neck), and shoulders.


How to Use Essential Oils

Essential oils may be used in a variety of applications. Here are the most effective methods I’ve come across to employ essential oils for headaches and migraines.

  1. Rollerball: To a rollerball bottle, add five drops of essential oil and 1 ounce of carrier oil. You can apply the oil to your forehead, temples, shoulders, or anywhere else you’re experiencing pain from your headache.
  2. Orally: By putting a drop of peppermint oil on my thumb and pressing it against the roof of my mouth, I notice the most immediate relief.
  3. Diffuse: Add 1/2 cup of water to a diffuser with 5-7 drops of essential oil and distribute.


Other Natural Remedies for Migraines

I’m not going to give you a headache with this post, am I? OK, I know it’s about essential oils. However, because this agony is so authentic for me, I’d like to tell you about all of the other things that I’ve attempted to help alleviate that awful head pain and migraine discomfort.

  • Ice Pack: Headaches are caused by an inflammation of the sinus cavity. Ice is a well-known anti-inflammatory agent. For comfort, apply an ice pack to the forehead or shoulder and upper neck region.
  • Coffee: Yes, it really does assist. Because caffeine aids in pain relief by sometimes 40%, it is a common component of most headache remedies. It may just stop the agony in its tracks simply by drinking some coffee.
  • Heating Pad: This is certainly not the first option. However, I will occasionally sleep with a heating pad under my neck when I have a severe headache that persists all night. Heat, on the other hand, can also cause inflammation to rise. So keep in mind how your body responds to heat. Every person is unique.
  • Pressure Point: I’m not overly familiar with pressure points, but I’ve discovered that a few of them are quite effective.
  1. The first distinction is between the base of your thumb and index finger.. Press and hold for 10 seconds before releasing and repeating.
  2. The parallel hollow areas between the two vertical neck muscles (your occipital bone) are the second pressure point. Take a deep breath, and then quickly press and hold for 10 seconds before releasing.
  3. The jaw is the last pressure point that I find helpful. Start at the little bit of cartilage in the ear’s center and move your index finger toward your nose about an inch. Open and close your mouth to determine if you’re in the right location; you should feel a small depression – that’s where you’re looking for. Place your index, middle, and ring fingers on that region of your palm and gently massage it for about 30 seconds in clockwise tiny circles. After releasing, repeat.


What Essential Oil Is Best For Sinus?

There are different best essential oil for sinus headache. A lot of studies show various essential oils for a migraine attack. I know that there are medications for pain relief. But now, people want to have a treatment free from side effects. For this, considering an essential oil blend for headaches is the right thing.

Here I am mentioning some of the best essential oil for sinus headache


  • Use Lavender Oil To Reduce Pain:

essential oils for migraines

Lavender oil is liable to reduce swelling and pain because it accelerates the symptoms of sinus congestion. A study published in European Neurology revealed that lavender oil has anti-inflammatory, relieving pain, and analgesic effects. It is valid for reducing inflammation.

Furthermore, inhaling lavender oil has other health benefits like relieving stress, sleep promotion, and lightening the symptoms of headaches and migraines.


  • How to use Eucalyptus Oil For Sinus and Its Benefits:

essential oil blend for headache

Eucalyptus oil is an exceptional remedy for congestion and sinusitis. Most of the decongestant products have eucalyptus oil within them. It is said that this oil is liable to mitigate the issues of cough, colds, sinus congestion, and stuffiness. A study found that inhaling this essential oil for sinus headache is also beneficial for treating migraines and lowering blood pressure. In short best essential oil for sinus headache is Eucalyptus oil.


  • Using Peppermint Oil for Sinus Headache:

cbd oil for migraines

I wonder, is there anything more refreshing than peppermint oil. It has been said that peppermint is adequate to cope up with PMS, conquer 3 pm lapse, and yes to alleviate tension-type headaches too. The secret of peppermint oil for migraines is its menthol effect. A review published about essential oils states that the application of peppermint oil for migraine to the forehead and temples relief tension, pain and makes you refresh.


  • Rosemary Oil is Effective for Headaches:

peppermint oil for migraines

People use rosemary oil as a tradition to reduce headaches and accelerate circulation. A study in 2008 reveals that rosemary oil contains pain-killing features and anti-inflammatory effects. This of the essential oils for migraines is also beneficial for reducing stress. You can use rosemary oil to relieve headaches and migraines for a short time.


  • Using CBD Oil For Migraines:

carrier oil

CBD oil can reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Some evidence is proving the effectiveness of CBD oil for migraines. It is worth considering treatment for the people who yet don’t know the appropriate treatment for their migraines. However, there is a lack of proves showing safety from CBD. But researchers also suggested there are several elements present in cannabis that have therapeutic benefits for pains that also includes migraine. Thus, using CBD oil for migraines is not that bad. All you need is to get it from a reliable resource.


  • Chamomile Oil Can Also Treat Headache:

treating migraines

It is a tradition to consume chamomile tea for relaxation. It is said to be that chamomile oil also has similar effects. Using chamomile oil can mitigate the symptoms of anxiety and depression. The headache caused due to anxiety and stress will definitely get reduced by chamomile oil. This essential oil will also help you overcome migraines and headache issues. Its one of the best essential oil blend for headache.


anti inflammatory


How to Get Rid of a Sinus Headache?

When the point is about the usage of essential oils, you have options. If you are out, then the easiest way to go for is inhaling it. The recommended approach is to place a few drops of the oil into a tissue and breathe that for a few minutes.

Moreover, if you have carrier oil, like coconut oil, then mix these both and massage them into your forehead or temples. Directly applying an essential oil to your skin can result in severe irritation.

At a time you need a bit extra reinforcement, the doctor recommends using a compress. For this, soak a towel in cold or hot water with a few drops of essential oil. Apply that compress to your neck or forehead and get rid of your frustrating headache.


european neurology

What Are The Most essential oils for sinus infection?

The most common causes of sinus congestion include allergies, sinus infection, flu, and allergies. Certain essential oils can ease your congestion and help you in opening your airways.

The most effective sinus decongestants in the queue of essential oils are peppermint oil for migraines, eucalyptus oil, oregano oil, and some others. Specific essential oils are liable to relieve sinus congestion, promote sinus drainage, and unblock the stuffed nose.

The most specified promises for sinus decongestion are peppermint and eucalyptus oil. Apart from this, several other essential oils are also beneficial to relieve sinus congestion.

  1. Tea Tree Oil can also overcome sinus congestion. It is possible because it fights against two potent causes, the virus, and bacteria. It improves the swelling of the sinus as it reduces inflammation. Tea tree oil is the best essential oils for sinus headache
  2. Oregano Oil is another essential oil for sinus congestion. It also fights against bacteria that aid the person from sinusitis. Researchers found that there is element carvacrol present in oregano oil that limits the production of bacteria.
  3. Clary Sage Oil is also able to fight against congestion and sinusitis caused because of bacteria. This essential oil is found to be a natural antimicrobial agent that can fight against microbes.


reducing stress


Risks for Using Essential Oils:

Essential oils are a safe thing to use but only when properly used. It is never suggested to apply on the skin directly. You should always dilute them with carrier oils. Direct application can result in skin irritation.

To avoid severe risks, you should also do a patch test before using it. People suggest doing this because there are people allergic to essential oils even when it’s diluted. A patch test can indicate if there is any allergic reaction. If you didn’t find anything within 48 hours, then it is safer for you to use.

It is also great to discuss with a health specialist before using essential oil if you are suffering from any health condition.

My Hands off The Topic!

Essential oils are the traditional remedy for several things that include sinus headaches too. The point to consider using an essential oil blend for headache is that it does not show side effects using a carrier oil. Make sure to always use a carrier with essential oil blend for headache to make it dilute, or it can show side effects.

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