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The human body consists of trillions of cells, and cancer can develop almost anywhere. Presently, there are various best cancer hospitals in Asia. They provide facilities for the cancer affectees around the world. Cancer patients in Pakistan previously faced the difficulty of lack of best cancer hospitals in Pakistan. They’d rather move to the cancer hospitals in India to look for a cure. It is terrible being miserable in your own country. Or worse is not being able to save the life of a loved one. However, currently in Pakistan we have been able to lay the foundations of many such institutions. Established hospitals and research centers. They have updated resources and equipment. This article will put forward a list of the top 5 cancer centers in Pakistan. Moreover, below are a few best cancer hospitals in Asia. 

What is Cancer?

We’re all made up of cells that are constantly dividing. Sometimes the cells might abnormally divide. As this multiplication begins, the cells divide further into the surrounding tissues. Generally abnormal cellular reproduction is Cancer. This can form tumors and impair the immune system. There are more than 100 types of cancers. With the advancement of technology we have established best hospitals in the world. However researchers have found ways to prevent cancer. Likewise control and perform cancer remission on those affected.

Over the years we developed techniques to prevent or cure cancer. There are many possible treatments. Including surgery with chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Then we have hormonal therapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy. There’s also room for clinical trials. Here the patient’s case is under the eye of the researchers. Making it easy to diagnose special cases and formulate medication or treatment.

Top 5 Cancer Centers In Pakistan

In addition to the top 5 cancer centers in Pakistan, finally, top 5 cancer centers in the world will be mentioned.

best cancer hospitals in asia
Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital, Lahore.

1. Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital.
Location: Lahore

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center is keen on maintaining the highest standards. It is considered one of the best cancer hospitals in Asia. Accordingly, it is one of the best cancer hospitals in Pakistan. It is the top cancer center in Pakistan with special consultation. Facilities available for everyone despite their inability to afford the medical services. This center is accredited both on national and international levels. Providing the best for patient care, education and research institute is their utmost priority. Nevertheless, Imran Khan’s efforts have made it one of the best hospitals in the world. In contrast to the best cancer hospitals in India.

best cancer hospitals in asia
Bait-Ul-Sukoon Cancer Hospital, Karachi.

2. Bait-Ul-Sukoon Cancer Hospital.

Location: Karachi

This hospital was established by the Bait-Ul-Sukoon Foundation. Furthermore their aim is to cater to their patients. Excellent faculty to help them in their fight with cancer. Around 50 beds and free of cost services with up to date equipment are made available. Additionally, there are diagnostic facilities such as mammography, radiology and pathological laboratory. Patients can acquire their treatment drugs from the built in pharmacy. Particularly strong team of trustees, advisors, medical team, surgeons and volunteers are provided by them.

best hospitals in pakistan
Kiran Cancer Hospital, Karachi.

3. Kiran Cancer Hospital.

Location: Karachi

This hospital requires the maximum fund raising possible. And provides their cancer affected patients with all possible facilitation required. Therefore, is the best cancer hospitals in Pakistan. They have all sorts of medical and diagnostic services available. Clinical trials and consultation is given to patients. Wherefore most suitable treatments are then assigned. Pathological laboratory along-with radiology, oncology and endoscopy is also available. Indeed, it is one of the best cancer hospitals in Pakistan.

N.O.R.I, Islamabad.

4. Nuclear Medicine, Oncology and Radiotherapy Institute (NORI)

Location: Islamabad

This cancer institute was established by the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC). Around 40,000 patients from around various cities. They have established various departments. Especially Nuclear Medicines, Radiology, Oncology and Medical Physics. For the most part work for betterment of their services is continuous. NORI is also the 7th hospital and research center established by PAEC. Thus, it is one of the best cancer hospitals in Pakistan

top 5 cancer centers
I.N.M.O.L, Lahore.

5. Institute Of Nuclear Medicine & Oncology (INMOL)

Location: Lahore

INMOL is also a project of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. Providing their patients with the best cancer treatments. Especially despite their inability to afford it. They have advanced treatment facilities and upgraded resources. There is effective treatment for lung cancer, colon cancer and other types.



The top 5 cancer centers singled out from Asia.

best cancer hospitals in india
Apollo Hospitals, India.

Apollo Hospitals, India:

Ranked #15 among the most technologically advanced top cancer centers in the world. Especially it is the best cancer hospitals in India. With more than 100 surgeons, radiologists and comprehensive treatment options. Above all, image-guided radiation therapy and intensity-modulated radiation therapy are available. And they provide da Vinci robotic surgery system besides advanced proton therapy facility. Molecular and genetic profiling of the cells helps evaluate their vulnerability. To be specific, it helps suggest most suitable treatment.

best hospitals in india
Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Center.

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Center:

Cancer drains the patient and his family both emotionally and financially. India is known for its world-class cancer treatment expertise. A non-profit hospital and research institute. Because of that people from around the world seek treatment here. Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre is one of best cancer hospitals in India. With their cutting edge technology and renowned specialists. Have catered over 2 lac patients. RGCIRC specializes in patient care. With a capacity of over 300 beds. And are one of the largest tertiary cancer care centers in Asia. Hence, the best cancer hospitals in India.

best hospitals in the world
Photo: Xinqiao Hospital Third Military Medical University, China.

Xinqiao Hospital Third Military Medical University, China:

The Xinqiao Hospital Third Military Medical University is ranked #1 on the list of best hospitals in China. In addition it has acquired the rank #3 in Asia. Singularly #25 in the list of best hospitals in the world. They have top of the class services. Completely updated resources and equipment. Reviews and surveys have ensured that high standards are met.

top 5 cancer centers
National Cancer Center, Japan.

National Cancer Center Japan:

In brief the vision is commitment to fulfill needs of the patients with best services. Moreover, there is a state-of-the-art cancer treatment, clinical research, and education. Especially research on the causes of cancer to diagnose it on the earliest of stages. Coupled with the most advanced treatment methods. To this end, it is listed as the best hospitals in the world.

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital, China.

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital, China:

Ranked among the best cancer hospitals in Asia. Hong Kong Adventist Hospital provides high quality healthcare to their patients. Furthermore, there is an availability state-of-the-art technological treatments. For instance the TomoTherapy, Bone Marrow Transplant and CyberKnife system. The da Vinci Surgery System in fact enables the surgeons to perform an easy surgery. In short, the surgery is less painful and less complicated. Consequently, it is considered as one of the best hospitals in the world.

Cancer is the most common cause of death after heart disease. Hence, detected on an early stage it is curable. Cancer has no specific symptoms. Therefore, regular checkups can help diagnosis. Your doctor will decide either to perform screening. Never ignore a warning symptom in your body. Always monitor even the most minor of changes in your system. Cancer symptoms are easy to ignore. Hence, ignoring it till the last stage might make it harder to cure. Even if you visit the best hospitals in the world. Besides, the signs and symptoms could resemble that of a normal disease. Moreover keep a regular record of blood and urinary tests as well. Hence women must get special check ups for breast cancer. Furthermore, men must keep check of prostate cancer.

A change in lifestyle choices could also help prevent cancer. Since health care is better than cure. Here is a list of things to keep in mind.
1. Avoid Tobacco
2. Consume a healthy diet.
3. Limit your consumption of processed foods.
4. Maintain healthy weight and BMI.
5. Remain physically active for at least 30 minutes a day.
6. Protect yourself from the strong sun.
7. Vaccinate yourself for viral infections.
8. Make sure your needles are unused.
9. Prevent sexually transmitted diseases.
10. Visit your physician on a regular basis.

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