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A great haircut and a proper hairstyle can enhance the personality of your baby girl. Choose a professional hairstylist, with an experience of baby girl haircutting for your little one’s new look. In the article, we have mentioned the names of haircuts for girls, Along with short, medium and long hairstyles for girls. So you can choose your 1 to 3 years baby hairstyle on the basis of hair length, type and length.


curly hair, natural curl, names of haircuts for girls, baby girl hair cutting

Best Baby Girl Hairstyles and Cuts:

Best baby girl hairstyles are easy to handle and manageable. You know how kids are, they can’t sit in one place for long. Therefore, we have collected some manageable, easy-to-achieve looks for your adorable baby girls. We have something for every hair length. Opt for a professional hairstylist for your baby girl’s haircutting and you won’t even have to remember the names of haircuts.

medium hairstyles for girls , medium length,

Short length hairstyles and cut:

The short length of hair is pretty easy to manage for the kid and for the mothers too. You can go with a nice pixie cut which looks super cute on baby girls.

curly hair, baby girl, natural curl, names of haircuts for girls, straight hair, short hair

A short bob is also a go-to option for baby girl. It doesn’t only look very trendy, but it is very easy to carry too. A little more imagination and you can experiment with the bob cut. There is a short bob, a tousled bob, and an angled bob. You should consult an expert hairstylist for your baby girls hair cutting.

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A little pony on the head looks adorable on a little girl, so does 2 little ponies. You can also accessories your baby girls’ hair with flowers, ribbons, hair bands and, clips and bands.

3 years baby girl hairstyles, names of hair cuts for girls, natural curl, baby girls hairstyles,

Medium length hairstyles and haircut:

There is a wide array of medium length hairstyles to choose from if your baby girl has medium length hair. Medium length hairstyles will work best as a 3 years old baby hairstyle. If your baby girl has medium length hair you can get a layered hair cut, long bob or an angled bob. Or you can get her hair cut in step.

natural curls, straight hair


A fringe looks great on baby girls, bangs also can add cuteness to any hair cut. You should also consider your baby girl’s hair type and texture to choose her hairstyle. Just look at the images first before you opt for a cut just by looking at the names of haircuts for girls.

Curly hair looks adorable on babies. But they require special care and styling.

natural curl, curly hair, medium length hair, short length hair, medium hairstyles for girls

Shoulder-length loose curls and beachy waves are a great medium hairstyle for girls. Tight curls are a little difficult to manage. But if you choose a good hairstylist they would know how to handle baby girl hair cutting for tight curls.

Ponytails are the most famous hairstyles for little girls. You can play up her look with front braids and little bit accessories. Or two little ponies, they are not only manageable, but they look cute too. Medium hairstyles for girls are easy to maintain and keep.

Baby girl hairstyles and haircut for long hair:

Little girls with long hair look super adorable and cute. Even though they are a bit difficult to manage than medium length hair. Many parents like to keep their baby girls hair long. Braids and buns are two go-to baby girl hairstyles for long lengths of hair.

long length hair styles, braids, , names of haircuts for girls.

Braids look neat and they keep the hair presentable for a long time. You can play around with braids and try the front or side braid you can also mix these two. Or mix a braid with a bun. Maybe a front braid and a messy side bun. Or a tight braid rolled into a bun, which could be the perfect 3 years baby hairstyle who loves to run around.

long hair, medium length hair, medium hairstyles for girls, natural curl, 3 years baby hair styles

But, buns and braids are not your only options. Your baby girl can surely can handle more styled up looks. The blow-dried hairstyles will give her a sleek look which can be perfect for a wedding or party.

natural curl, curly hair, short length hair, wedding hairstyles for girls

Straight long hair looks super cute too. Adorn them with accessories. Hairbands with bows or flowers. Hair clips in matching colors and flowers can make a perfect accessory for a baby girl.

Accessories add the bling in the perfect haircut. They not only enhance the cut, but the outfit and the overall look too. Little girls are the beauty of this world they are the perfect mix of cuteness and style. We hope our article helps your little fashionista glam up her look.

No matter what is the length of your baby girl’s hair, you can style them perfectly. Just be careful where you go for baby girl hair cutting, as not all hairstylists are experts in cutting baby’s hair. And you cannot compromise on beauty, right?

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