Black Tea Benefits & Disadvantages – Intermittent Fasting Tea

Black tea benefits health in countless ways. It is actually fermented green tea, therefore it has all the green tea benefits plus more. Consuming black tea during intermittent fasting increases the benefits immensely, during Ramazan a cup of black tea after iftar and one in sehri is a good start. Black Tea Side Effects and Disadvantages are normally Anxiety, Lack of Sleep, Headache & Increase in Urination. Health Benefits of Black tea has been discussed in detail below.


Benefits of Black Tea

Health benefits of black tea include increased oral health, healthy heart, reduced blood sugar levels, lower LDL cholesterol level, a happier mood, healthier and younger skin and am a lot more. Grab your cup of black tea after iftar and read on to learn the amazing benefits of black tea.

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Organic Tea For a Smooth Digestive System

Organic tea is a potent probiotic and helps to keep the gut healthy, the tannins in black tea soothe digestion and intestinal discomforts. It is especially beneficial in theory.

Prevents Cancer

Studies have shown that polyphenol and catechins in black tea are effective in fighting cancer cells in the body. Though black tea is not an alternative therapy for cancer, it does help prevent tumor cell growth.

black tea benefits

Rich in Antioxidants

Another benefit is it is rich in antioxidants, Antioxidants remove free radicals from the body and prevent aging, cell damage, and even chronic illnesses.

More Caffeine More Energy

The black tea has more caffeine than green tea, which means you can feel more energy with a cup of black tea. Also, consuming black tea in intermittent fasting help switch your body to fat-burning mode.

That means black tea in iftar and Sehri can help with weight loss.

Black Tea For a Healthy Heart and Reduced Cholesterol Levels

A study conducted on a close group concluded 3 to 5 cups of black tea in a day reduce LDL cholesterol levels, especially in obese people and prevent heart diseases.

It was noted that consuming black tea for 12 weeks significantly reduced blood sugar level, triglyceride level, and lower LDLHDl plasma ratio.

black tea benefits

Health Benefits Black Tea- Boost Your Mood

Methylxanthine in the black tea helps uplift your mood, it increases the production of happy hormones serotonin in the body. So, if fasting is making you a bit grumpy, a cup of organic, black tea after iftar can cheer you up.


Disadvantages of Black tea

Drinking an excessive amount of black tea, like for example significantly quite five cups per day, is POSSIBLY UNSAFE. High levels of black tea could create negative effects on account of the caffeine in black tea. These unwanted side effects may include mild to acute and may include headache, nervousness, sleeping issues, nausea, irritability, and irregular heartbeat, and confusion. Additionally, people who drink black tea or other carbonated drinks like Coke and Pepsi all of the time, notably in huge quantities, can form into a psychological dependency.

Breastfeeding and Pregnancy

Don’t drink over 2 cups per day of Black tea. A Normal cup of Black Tea contains 200 mg of caffeine approx. Consuming plenty quite the amount when pregnant has been POSSIBLY UNSAFE and its been related to an increased chance of miscarriage, greater risk of sudden sleep apnea syndrome (SIDS), and reduced birth weight.


Dark tea will be POSSIBLY SAFE if accepted with mouth by children in amounts commonly present in foods.


Drinking black tea can create anemia in people that have an iron deficiency.

Bleeding Disorders

There’s some cause to feel that the caffeine in black tea could impede coagulation, although it isn’t demonstrated ability in humans. Utilize caffeine carefully especially people who have a bleeding disease disorder.

Heart issues

Caffeine in dark tea can create irregular heartbeat in some specific men and girls. Elderly people who own heart condition recently or have a family history, utilize caffeine with care.


Use dark tea with care if you have diabetes.


The caffeine in dark tea, especially when taken in massive quantities, could worsen diarrhea.


Dark tea comprises caffeine. There’s a problem that prime levels of caffeine could cause seizures or perhaps reduce the implications of medication wont to avoid seizures. For people who have had a seizure, then don’t use high dosages of caffeine or perhaps caffeine-containing supplements like tea.


Drinking caffeinated green tea increases the pressure within the eye. The expansion does occur within half-hour 30 minutes and lasts for 90 minutes.


Black tea during or intermittent fasting tea is brimming with compounds that benefit your heart, mood, and gut health. It detoxifies your body and can work as an anti-aging food too.

I hope you Like our Article pertaining to Black tea side effects & Disadvantages, But personally, we feel that it has numerous benefits. Please share your thoughts on this.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is black tea bad for health?

Although there are normally many health benefits of black tea when taken in moderate amount. It provides many benefits, especially, for heart health. However, if taken in more than the needed amount, black tea can cause some side effects. In a large amount, caffeine-related problems might occur.


What are the advantages of black tea?

There are several health benefits of black tea; it helps with heart health, reduces sugar levels in the blood, oral health, lowers cholesterol levels, boosts energy levels, improves digestive system, and many more.


Does tea make you black?

Tea is a popular beverage around the globe. However, many misconceptions are surrounding the tea. The thinking that tea darkens the skin is another misconception and is not true.


Is black tea better than green tea?

When it comes to a comparison between black tea and green tea, then green tea seems to be a better choice. Because green tea contains less amount of caffeine than black tea. So, people sensitive to stimulants can choose green tea over black tea. Also, it is better at fighting bacteria and boosting the immune system.


Is black tea with milk good for you?

Milk usually dilutes black tea. Therefore, the potent effects of black tea are cut down. Further, milk might cause more acidity and inflammation.


Does black tea cause gas?

Although there are health benefits of black tea, there are also disadvantages of black tea, if it is consumed in excess. So taking a large amount of black might cause acid reflux, bloating, and gas.


Does black tea irritate the stomach?

Although black tea has health benefits, too much black tea has side effects. One of the side effects can be irritation of the stomach but not necessarily.


Does black tea help lose weight?

Black tea does boost lose weight, it can help in losing weight if it is consumed in a certain amount. It alters the bacteria in the digestive system to lose weight when used as an intermittent fasting tea. However, green tea enhances weight loss better than black tea.


Does black tea cause kidney stones?

Black tea contains a large amount of oxalate, present in a lot of foods. Too much of oxalate can cause kidney stones. Therefore, too much black tea might lead to this.

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