Black tea benefits health in countless ways. It is actually fermented green tea, therefore it has all the green tea benefits plus more. Consuming black tea during intermittent fasting increases the benefits immensely, during Ramazan a cup of black tea after iftar and one in sehri is a good start.

Benefits of Black Tea:

Health benefits of black tea include increased oral health, healthy heart, reduced blood sugar levels, lower LDL cholesterol level, a happier mood, healthier and younger skin and am a lot more. Grab your cup of black tea after iftar and read on to learn amazing benefits of black tea.

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Black Tea For a Smooth Digestive System:

Black tea is a potent probiotic and helps keeping the gut healthy, the tannins in black tea soothes digestion and intestinal discomforts. It is especially beneficial in theory.

Prevents Cancer:

Studies have shown that polyphenol and catechins in black tea are effective in fighting cancer cells in the body. Though black tea is not an alternative therapy for cancer, but it does help prevent the tumor cell growth.

Rich in Antioxidants:

Another black tea benefit is it is rich in anti-oxidants, Antioxidants remove free radicals from the body and prevent ageing, cell damage and even chronic illnesses.

More Caffeine More Energy:

The black tea has more caffeine than green tea, which mean you can feel more energy with a cup of black tea. Also, consuming black tea in intermittent fasting help switch your body to fat burning mode.

That means black tea in iftar and sehri can help with weight loss.

Black Tea For a Healthy Heart and Reduced Cholesterol Levels:

A study conducted on a close group concluded 3 to 5 cups of black tea in a day reduce LDL cholesterol levels, especially in obese people and prevent heart diseases.

It was noted that consuming black tea for 12 weeks significantly reduced blood sugar level, triglyceride level and lower LDLHDl plasma ratio.

Black Tea Benefits Your Mood:

Methylxanthine in the black tea helps uplift your mood, it increases the production of happy hormones serotonin in the body. So, if fasting is making you a bit grumpy, a cup of organic, black tea after iftar can cheer you up.

In a Nutshell,

Black tea is brimming with compounds that benefit your heart, mood and gut health. It detoxifies your body and can work as an anti-ageing food too.

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