Beauty Hacks to Make Your Life Easier: 8 Amazing Tips

Beauty hacks are covered in this article to help you look stunning for any memorable event of your life through simple tricks and tips at home. It is the dream of every girl to look the best and beautiful from head to toe on parties, weddings, family get together, formal or informal dinners, ceremonies and hang out with your friends.

Let me tell you about the beauty hacks that will help you to look not only attractive, but confident about any of the above mentioned events. The time saving hacks that will give you the phenomenal look will be revealed in this article. We all know that what look a lady went, talking of which includes shiny, beautiful hair, glowing skin, faster and perfect makeup routines and ideas and last but not the least, alternative use of makeup products to get the best out of them.

Beauty Hacks

Tip No. 1

Girls if you are short of time and products to get ready for any event, you can utilize one or two lipstick shades to use it on your lips, eyelids and cheeks. Don’t forget to blend them with your finger tip or any kind of plain brush. Blending increases the natural look of the makeup, you have applied on your face. You can also use lip gloss to your lips and eyelids to get a glossier and unique look.

Go for the Pink or Red shades to look pretty and funky.



Tip No. 2

Another thing that a girl faces while getting ready are the flying baby hair along your forehead hair line. Use any good “hair spray” to resolve this issue. You can apply Hairspray with a toothbrush in order to smoothly brush your fly away hair. Spray directly on your hair, if you have coarse or thick hair.



Tip No. 3

After party, removal of makeup and little bit cleansing is good for your skin. Sometimes you get short of makeup remover and it is a worst nightmare. So, let me tell you the hack to resolve this issue. A coconut oil or any other oil that best suits your skin acts as a perfect makeup remover. Just apply some on the cotton pad and wipe your makeup.

beauty hacks

Tip No. 4

The worst nightmare of a girl is a pimple on the skin. How to cover it before any event perfectly to avoid many questions and look confident and glowing? Well a simple hack is to apply a little bit of foundation on it and cover it with the concealer. Lastly, apply the compact powder on the spot to settle it completely.


Tip No. 5

Another tip to make your fragrance stay longer on your skin is to spray it immediately after you get out of the shower.


Tip No. 6

If you want best and glowing pictures, then apply bronzer in a 3 shape and contour it well. Don’t apply it all over your face. Start from your forehead, then towards your cheekbones and in the end, make your way to jaw line. Do the same on your left and right side of the face. Blend it well with the brush once you are done to have a glowing look.


Tip No. 7

Choosing the best foundation for your skin is a big deal for a girl. We usually make a mistake and in order to check that which foundation go best with our skin; we apply it on our face or hand. Your face and hands are exposed mostly to the sunlight in comparison to other parts of your body. So always apply foundation on your neck to choose the best one. The foundation which blends easily and disappear on your neck is the one to choose.

 beauty hacks

Tip No. 8

Always dry your hair with a t-shirt instead of towel. Towel usually pull moisture out of your hair and leave them frizzy. Drying your hair with any of your old t-shirt will not only dry your hair but also make them less frizzy and damp. To have the best look, always air dry your hair.



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