Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde: Our Victory is Predictable

Barcelona coach, Valverde said players are feeling fresh to compete & they are not under pressure as they are close to the fourth Liga title. The trophy will be in the hands of Barca (Spanish Football club), if they are going to beat the Alaves tomorrow and Levante on Saturday. Well the other win, they can get if Atletico Madrid loses against Valencia.

Ernesto Valverde Tejedo, the former Spanish footballer said on Monday night that they are used to of pressure. According to him it is just a matter of time that Barcelona is left with five games to bring the trophy home and crowned as Spanish Champions for the 26th time.

In the Champions League against Manchester United, Lionel Messi inspired Barcelona with a victory in the second leg at the Nou Camp. Valverde wants Messi to remain fit and to perform well in the Champions League Semi-final. Fans and the press know that Messi has Barcelona as his first priority in Argentina.

Valverde appreciated his team efforts that they have performed phenomenal every time in difficult circumstances. They are calm enough to bear the last stretch to move to the end point.

If Barcelona wants an immediate win situation, then they have to win the First leg against Liverpool on 1st of May. The players need to rest and to focus fully on the Champion League semi-final against Liverpool. They are in an argument with Valencia for Copa del Rey final on 25 May.

Valverde further said that his team is fine and a little bit fatigue is normal when you have great challenges ahead. And we are motivated towards our biggest step. Barcelona has been a frontrunner of La Liga for months. Atletico Madrid is struggling hard to put pressure on its opponents and Real Madrid failed to make 13 points in the third one.

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He said that winning a challenge brings joy. When it is predictable that you will win, your happiness level is high. If the lead is big then victory is predictable. Valverde was so courageous about being on the top last year and this year too. Looks like Barcelona may win the Championship as Valverde is quite determined and satisfied about his team.


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