Best Banks of Pakistan Who Remained Profitable in 2018

Banks of Pakistan performed well in 2018 despite the critical situation of the country both politically and financially. During this year Best Banks in Pakistan have faced a number of challenging issues regarding regulatory and operating strategies. Some of the banks have expanded their business and outperformed even in tough conditions. A list of these top 10 banks includes MCB, NBP, United bank of Pakistan, Allied Bank, Habib Bank, Standard Chartered Pakistan, Bank Alfalah Limited, Meezan Bank, Bank Al Habib Limited and Bank of Pakistan (BOP).

Best Banks in Pakistan


MCBtotal assets

MCB established in 1947 in Lahore and constitute around 14000 employees. It has been providing its commercial products and services to its customers in Pakistan, South Asia, the Middle East, and Eurasia. Total assets that this bank has reported in 2016, was US$9.51 billion. Whereas, the net profit this bank has reported was US$19.8 million. In 2018, the profit of this bank rises to Rs. 21.36 billion, which was considered as 4.8% less in comparison to the profit those reported in 2017. But in 2018 MCB replaced the National Bank of Pakistan and became the top bank in Pakistan.

 NBPbanks of Pakistan, net profit

This bank was first established in 1957 as a National Bank of Pakistan. NBP excelled in offering Subsidiary of Deutsche Bank Americas Holding Corporation. National Bank Pakistan made a second-ranking among top Banks of Pakistan and comprises of 12000 employees. This bank actually works in Corporate Finance, Trading and Sales, Retail Banking, Commercial Banking, Payment and Settlement, and Agency Services segments.

In Pakistan it has 1448 branches while in other countries, it holds 21 branches. While it has a network of 1,014 ATMs. In 2016, the total assets of this bank were US$18.94 billion and the net profit reported during this year was US$220 million. In 2017, the reported profit of the National Bank of Pakistan was Rs. 22.3 billion. Whereas, this ratio decreases to Rs. 20 billion due to the huge loan-losses that impaired the performance of the National Bank. Whereas this bank became the first bank in the number of deposits by Rs. 2 trillion. It also reported the highest revenue in seven decades by Rs. 96.9 billion.

United Bank of Pakistantotal assets, net profit

The largest privately-owned bank that came into existence in 1959 and comprises of around 15000 employees. Headquarter of United Bank of Pakistan is in Karachi. The number of branches of this bank in Pakistan is 1341 while on an international level it has 18 branches.
During 2016, the total assets of this bank were US$14.26 billion along with a profit of around US$251 million. In 2017 UBL reported a profit of Rs. 25 billion. But this profit decrease to Rs. 15 billion due to a huge loss of 10 billion that impacted its profitability. Due to the closure of its New York branch, it suffered an operational loss. While the decline in the profit was also due to its non-performing loans. This decline happened in the past three years.

 Allied Bankbanks of pakistan

This bank originated at first in 1942 and operates in Corporate and Investment Banking, Trading and Sales (Treasury), Commercial, and Retail Banking segments. Its workforce is around 4000 individuals. Its total number of branches in Pakistan is 1148 and one branch in Bahrain.

The total asset of this bank in 2016 was US$9.67 billion, with US$130.18 million of net profit. Allied Bank reported a profit of Rs. 13 billion in 2018 which is 1% less in comparison to the profit reported in 2017. This bank is gradually strengthening itself in the field of business, operations, and profitability. In this way this bank is trying to achieve its sustainability in the business sector.

 Habib Bank Limitednet profit

This bank was first established in 1941 in Karachi. It functions in Branch Banking, Corporate Banking, Treasury, and International Banking segments with 17000 employees. The branches it has in Pakistan are 1677 while 54 branches it has in other countries.

The total amount of assets it created in 2016 was US$24 billion but meet with a net loss of US$129 million. Habib Bank Limited was once the top bank of Pakistan, but now it has reached number 5. In 2018, the profit this bank recorded was Rs. 12.4 billion that was 41% improved in comparison to the year 2017. But this profit was not even half of Rs. 34 billion profit Habib Bank made in the history of the banking industry.

 Standard Chartered Pakistanbanks of Pakistan

This bank is a subsidiary of the UK based Standard Bank and founded in 2006 in Pakistan. Whereas in 2016, its branches in Pakistan reached 101. This bank in Pakistan operates in Corporate and Institutional Banking, Commercial Banking, Retail Banking, and Central & Other Items segments.

In 2016 Standard Chartered reported total assets US$4.2 billion. While net profit reported during 2016 was US$87 million. Whereas in 2017, it reported a profit of Rs. 8.24 billion and it was at number eight at that time. But in 2018, its profitability increases to Rs. 11.2 billion. Well, it is now ahead of its competitors, Bank Alfalah and Bank Al Habib. It has improved its operational and business strategies in this regard and retained its suitability.

 Bank Alfalah Limitedtotal assets, banks of Pakistan

Bank Alfalah Limited is a privately owned bank by Abu Dhabi Group and founded in 1992 in Karachi. It started its operating activities in 1997 and works in banking and financial services to consumers, corporations, institutions, and governments. The regions in which it operates are Pakistan, the Asia Pacific region, and the Middle East. The number of branches it holds in Pakistan are 475. It includes 18 sub-branches with 153 Islamic and 10 overseas banking units.

In 2016 it reported total assets of US$8.29 billion, with a net profit of US$71.42 million. In 2018 the net profit rises to Rs. 10 billion.

 Meezan Banknet profit, banks of Pakistan

It was first established in 1997 in Karachi and a commercial bank in Pakistan that offers Islamic services. It constitutes of 9000 employees in its banking units with 571 branches in Pakistan.

Meezan Bank reported a profit of US$5.94 billion in 2016 with a net profit of US$50 million. This bank is at 8th number which made the highest profit of Rs. 8.96 billion. During its whole journey it gradually improved its growth and profitability factor. The increase in profit in 2017 of this bank is around 42%, which was further increased during 2018 by Rs.2.64 billion.

 Bank Al Habib Limitedbanks of pakistan

Although Bank AL Habib commenced operations in 1992 in Pakistan but has a history of almost 70 years. In Pakistan in the shortest period of 25 years, it increases the total assets of the bank to Rs.750 billion. It constitutes around 726 branches and many sub-branches in Pakistan with certain offices in Bahrain, China, Beijing, Istanbul, Kenya, and Malaysia.

In 2017 its net profit was Rs. 8.5 billion, which gradually declined by 1.4% in 2018. In 2018 the profit reported by Bank Al Habib Limited was Rs. 8.41 billion.

Bank of Punjab (BOP)net profit, total assets

Bank of Punjab stood at 10th number and reported a profit of Rs. 7.6 billion in 2018. Whereas, if we look back to 2017, it suffers a loss of Rs. 3.3 billion that was eventually converted into profit with time through the support of reversal of provisions and the tax rebates.

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