Baji Bombastic, Hunza Baji: A New Queen of Comedy

Baji Bombastic, Hunza Baji is a new comedian queen who is ruling the social media with her funniest videos and funny English talking style. Baji is a niece of famous celebrity “Usman Peerzada” and a LUMS student too. She belonged to Hunza and some call her “Hunza Baji” too.

She has been making videos of the beauty of Hunza in her funny English accent. Her page is on Facebook and Instagram with a display picture of a flower with a caption “I am Queen”.

hunza baji

And look what her cover photo on Facebook depicts “piece n Luv”. Well, we all know what she means “peace and love” right?

baji bombastic

Baji Bombastic, A New Queen of Comedy 

She gained more popularity when Baji Bombastic’s video from Gilgit Baltistan goes viral. And we all love her when she said “I Love Safaring, May You All Safar”

People are seriously loving her videos. The way she pronounced cappuccino in her funny English accent is hilarious. When people started making fun of her accent, she made another video saying that it’s her choice to pronounce “cappuccino” as “cattachino”.

Moreover, she also said “Wo Kal Paida Nai Hui” and she knows that it is cappuccino and not cattachino. “Main Ne Dhoop Main Baal Safaid Nae Kiye”. Well, Baji got a point. What do you think??

Baji found a “Goat” on at “Borit Lake”. But there is a problem, “Baji’s pet doesn’t talk and she is pissed off”.

Baji is also shocked in another video because her name has been stolen by film star “Meera Jee”. She is disturbed after hearing that Meera is doing a new film which is named after her “BAAAAAJI”.

Baji has recently uploaded another video in which she has apologized to her fans that she disappeared for a while.

Baji sarcastically said “Meri to Kulfi hi Jam gai he itni Garmi par ri hai Pakistan main”

We couldn’t agree more with her…

Well, baji is confused that why “Charsi Tikka” is called “Charsi Tikka” and she wants an explanation.

Baji Bombastic recently added a story on Instagram for those who think she is doing some project.

queen of comedy

Do we wonder what’s cooking?? But whatever it is, we wish this queen of comedy the best of luck.

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