Bahria University Student Saqib Hussain Committed Suicide

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A Bahria University Student named Saqib Hussain, who belonged to an Electrical Engineering Department committed suicide due to discrimination at the Campus. This news has spread on the social media like a fire that the student has committed suicide as he has faced a continuous discrimination at Bahria University for being Sindhi.

Saqib Hussain, Student Of Bahria University Left a Note

Saqib wrote a letter before taking his own life in which he has mentioned the names of two teachers who were a constant source for his misery. According to many tweets from the number of people it is revealed that he was being discriminated for his ethnicity.

The two teachers failed him in one subject, four times and this has forced him to end his own life. Moreover, in the heartbreaking note, Saqib has clearly mentioned the names of two teachers from Bahria University who are responsible for his death. He has allowed to post that note on the social media too.

In the letter he has also unveiled the fact that the system of Bahria University is corrupt and no one will ask his parents and this University should be blamed.

Now people are demanding justice for Saqib Hussain, whose mistake was nothing but being Sindhi. #JusticeforSaqibHakro has been started with social media platform.

Even as a proof some people have also posted pictures of two teachers who are responsible for his death. This time it is better to take steps to avoid such horrible incidents because mental torture may force many students to end their miserable life.

This is not the first time that a university system has forced a student to take his own life. This year many students took their lives to freed themselves from this corrupt system.

People are demanding #JusticeWithSaqibHakro and they have condemned the attack.

Sadly he was only child of his parents…

Everyone is aware of the University system and we need to stop this manipulative University reform and system which is taking the lives of our young generation. It is a high time that system of Universities needs to be investigated for their faulty policies, behavior and discrimination towards the students.

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