Monday, October 14, 2019
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longest battery life smartphone
A few years ago, battery life was not considered an important factor when purchasing a smartphone. People were generally content with having a mobile that offered a 3000mAh battery, but that has changed now. At the same time, the use of cell phones has increased tremendously. This is why the demand for the longest battery life smartphone has been...
warning lights in the car , car dashboard symbols
If you own an automobile, then you would probably know just how important car dashboard symbols are. They are the small icons that are usually displayed within the speedometer and rev counter dials. These car dashboard lights are connected to a sensor which, when illuminated, indicates the driver that something is wrong with the vehicle and may require them...
volume booster for android, make music louder app
In this day and age where technology is progressing so rapidly, it would not be wrong to say that owning a smartphone has become much more of a necessity. Due to this fact, many cell phone companies have been striving to offer the best possible products to the people. However, as the cell phone market is getting bigger and...

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