Atomic Clock To Be Launched By NASA To Navigate Astronauts

NASA has decided to launch and send “Atomic Clock” in space in order to help the astronauts finding themselves in space that where they are and what is their destination. They would be able to reach to their destination in time.

 “Atomic Clock”  For NAVIGATION

As we know that NASA is too strong and their motive is to discover new things and go deep further into space including Mars. They are looking for some potential challenges, and one of them is navigation in space. For this challenge, NASA has planned wisely to launch a tool called “Atomic Clock” this month to help the future astronauts so it will be helpful for them.

If we see at present there is no navigation system so all space craft’s depends on guidelines or instructions coming from earth to locate and understand the position relative to all other planets or objects.

The present system works but not so efficiently, and not ideal for future goals and missions.

Global positioning system (GPS):

So that’s why in order to make the system efficient and work effectively and keep helpful for the astronauts NASA has planned to launch a Global positioning system (GPS) like deep space atomic clock. This super-efficient device will be able to speedily help a spacecraft to recognize its certain position in space. Because of this, there will be no need to depend on input or signal from Earth and space crafts can drive themselves.

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Atomic Clock Tool Test Mission:

Todd Ely Deep Space Atomic Clock Principal said that having a clock tool available would enable radio navigation and optical navigation and it would make more precise and safe for future astronauts to be able to easily navigate themselves in space without any difficulty.

“The Atomic Clock tool test mission, which is necessary to test its behaviour is arranged to launch this June. It is expected that this will last for about a year and will test that If it can help all spacecraft locate themselves in space or not.”

NASA is very positive about introducing a new way for future astronauts to navigate themselves and move to their mission to Mars and beyond.

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