Are you Planning to Buy Plots in Islamabad this year?

In 2019, the plots in Islamabad for sale that you can buy are in the territory of DHA Defence, Gulberg, Sector B-17, Bahria Town, and Sector D-12. Prices of plots vary from 5 Marla plots to 10 Marla plots in these areas. Islamabad is a place where you can buy a plot and make a home or a building of your own choice. Indeed, it is a tidy and liveliest place to reside and there are many houses for sale in Islamabad. As you know the population is growing at a faster pace, it is hard to buy a perfect place within the limited investment. We all Pakistani knows that our country is facing a shortage of houses around 1 million and this number is growing with the number of population. This is the reason that real estate is flourishing gradually.

Why it is Better to Buy a Plot in Islamabad?

You will be benefited in the long run if you buy a plot. If you are thinking that the value of that land will depreciate in the future, then believe me this is not going to happen. Let me clarify the rate of your plot will gradually or rapidly increase from the perspective of the area.

If you have chosen a plot in a commercial area which is not a difficult task, then you are at the prosperous end. For this purpose, you need to find a plot in some developed projects and remain in touch with the growing market rates. All you have to contact a few real estate agents and ask about the price of the same plot from them to better assess the real value of that plot.

If you have a negotiation quality, then you can convince property agents at that agreeable price. Keep that in mind that there is always room for a 10-15% discount and all you can do is to be smart enough to avail that discount. Well, the areas where you can buy plots in Islamabad through real estate agents are given below.

Buy plots in Defence Housing Authority DHA Islamabad

Defence Housing Authority DHA Islamabad is considered as a secure place to buy a plot. Phase 2 and Phase 5 are the top areas where people frequently search for plots. If you are planning to buy 5 Marla plots in DHA Islamabad, then prices vary from PKR 6.5 lac to PKR 85 lac. While 10 Marla plots price varies from PKR 33.5 Lac to PKR 1.6 crore. 1 Kanal plots price range from PKR 23.5 Lac to PKR 4.5 crore.

Buy plots in Gulberg Islamabad

Gulberg is the second most demanding area for the plot. If you are buying a plot in this locality, then 5 Marla plot cost you PKR 15 lac to PKR 45 lac while 10 Marla plots cost you PKR 30 lac to PKR 98 lac. While looking for a 1 Kanal plot in Gulberg will cost you PKR 37 Lac to PKR 1.7 crore. In the case of 2 Kanal plot, prices vary from PKR 71 Lac to PKR 2 crore.

Buy plots in Sector B-17 Islamabad

The third area that comes into searches as a popular plot buying area or plots in Islamabad for sale is Sector B-17 Islamabad. If you are looking for a low-cost area then, Sector B-17 Islamabad is a great opportunity to buy a plot. In Sector B-17 Islamabad, 5 Marla plot will cost you PKR 9.5 Lac to PKR 45 Lac whereas, 10 Marla plot will cost you around PKR 20 Lac to PKR 1.2 crore. Meanwhile, for 1 Kanal plot, prices will be from PKR 32 Lac to PKR 2.2 crore as per the project.

Buy plots in Bahria Town Islamabad

The next prominent project of the twin cities is Bahria Town. There are many houses for sale in Islamabad in Bahria Town. The number of searches for this area is increasing gradually because it is considered as the most reputable commercial project. Out of the most famous areas of this project Bahria Town, Bahria Enclave rate as the popular one while Bahria Garden City and Bahria Golf City ranked as the second and third areas. Meanwhile, if you are searching to buy a plot of 5 Marla in these areas, then it will cost you PKR 22 Lac to PKR 70 Lac and 10 Marla prices range from PKR 30 Lac to PKR 1.4 crore. The cost for 1 Kanal plot is PKR 82 lac to PKR 2.5 crore and similarly, 2 Kanal plot will cost you as lowest as 3 crores. Plots for sale in Islamabad Bahria town have very high worth in the eyes of investors and they are ready to pay as per demand.

Buy plots in Sector D-12 Islamabad

Last but not least, Sector D-12, is another important project located at the shortest distance of Islamabad International Airport, that is most searched for plot buying. Moreover, other areas that have been searched the most in this sector are Sector D-12/1, Sector D-12/4, Sector D-12/3, and Sector D-12/2. Prices of the 5 Marla Plots in this area ranges from PKR 1 crore to PKR 1.8 crore while 10 Marla plot varies from PKR 1.9 to 2.7 crore. Whereas, 1 Kanal plot price varies from PKR 2.3 to 5.2 crore.

If you are interested in plots in Islamabad for sale in any of these areas or want to buy a house for sale in Islamabad, you can contact a real estate agent at any time.

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