apple watch pros and cons, pros and cons of apple watch

Apple Watch pros and cons need to be taken into account before buying this gadget in order to check whether it is a worthy investment or not. Apple Watch was first introduced on April 24, 2015 due to the excessive usage of mobile phone. You can connect this device with your iPhone and it will act as an efficient enhancer. Apple Watch functions that keeps you connected with your mobile phone are fitness tracker along with features of weather, Siri, music and phone.

During 2015, Apple Watch more than 4.2 million gadgets were sold and became the best seller. Let’s figure out pros and cons of this device.

Apple Watch Pros and Cons


Unique design

If we look at the design of this amazing device, then developers have done a great job. To remain in trend, business class, mostly prefers to have Apple Watch.

Sports Functions

This device has features like heart rate monitoring and fitness tracker to keep you active in life. However, it cannot force you to remain active all the time and go on sports, but definitely makes your life better by tracking it.


Apple Watch is totally Waterproof and you can use it in the pool while swimming or under the sea. CEO of Apple Watch regularly wears this device in the swimming pool.

Constant updates

This device is totally compatible with the new programs and their updates.

apple watch pros and cons, pros and cons of apple watch


Battery with small capacity

If we look at the compact design of Apple Watch, we all know that battery time may not be enough to stay long. The small capacity of the battery is a worst thing about this device. Well developers are trying to improve its performance in this perspective.


If you are planning to buy this gadget then, we all know that it is a luxurious commodity and price is way much higher. Although with every upgrade version of Apple Watch, the price of previous gadget decreases but not up to maximum. Apple is a luxury brand and you cannot expect a luxury to cost you less.


Apple Watch will be constantly sending you messages and notifications from your mobile phone and keeps you up to date. However, the continuous vibration and notification sound may make you distracted and disturb other people as well. You can put your cell phone on silent mode, but why have you bought an Apple Watch at first place?

Small screen

This smartwatch cannot replace your phone completely due to the smaller screen. One may find it hard to watch the video or read an email on this watch.



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