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Apple watch series 5 was released on 10th September 2019 at an event by Apple in the fall. Apple watch OS series release date was the same as the launching as the apple watch 5 was available for the customers later that day. The older versions of apple watch OS series were also a big success to the company and each day the technology, features and apps are improving and making our lives easier and much more manageable. There are many rumors around the market and media about the watch. The apple watch series 5 rumors include many. It may have both the targets maybe to advertise it or maybe to degrade the product.

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The apple watch series 5 has the watch OS 5 and its features are quite elite. The watch is 5 has got the tracking cycle app which has got mind blowing results. Also, the maps are made in a much better and advantageous way. The most notable feature which even a normal user can specify is that, that the LTPO OLED capacitive touchscreen, which can display 16M colors is kept on all the time. The older versions got their screens active when the hand is closer to your view. But, the apple watch series OS 5 has the technology of keeping the screen always active.

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This feature doesn’t affect the battery and the battery is still 18 hours long. However, the screen gets dimmer when not active or brought into view. You can also customise the settings for keeping the screen off when not in use by going in the settings option in the watch series 5, only for the sake of the battery. The screen resolution is 448×368 pixels. By this feature, you can always look at the time, whether consciously or subconsciously.


The battery of watch OS series 5 is the same as the senior versions like series 4 or series 3. It has a 18-hour battery life under mixed usage. The battery has to be charged overnight. Moreover, the apple watch 5 has a wireless battery charger that is obviously portable. The charger is magnetic and the watch charges overnight. Looking on the technological side, the battery is a non-removable Li-Ion battery. The battery is not at all affected by the over usage or the always-on display. It charges easily and the battery lasts long. At night, when you charge your iPhone you can put your watch on charge too. As no sleep tracking app is there. This was one of the apple watch series 5 rumors.


The map feature is not so significant and does not intrigue people who read the specifications of the watch OS 5. But, many reviews regarding the maps feature we’re there. That the maps are now quite effortless and accurate. Particularly, for those who go tracking and hiking etc. They get to know the most suitable routes. As in the US and other western countries the trend of tracking is considerable, so they usually need maps on the go. Without any distraction of a mobile phone. It lessens the probability of getting lost between the woods without any assistance. These accurate watch is 5 maps are also a wonderful benefit for those who go camping in remote areas. The neighborhood, the routes and all are unknown to them. So it’s a great assistance for them.

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The tracking cycle app is a welcoming and alarming feature at the same time. As a woman, you can keep track of your cycle on your hand. It appears quite easy and handy. The apple watch OS 5 has the app for tracking your cycle. It helps you in various ways. The app lets you know about when is your cycle due. The symptoms, after effects and all the things you have to input and then you will get accurate results.
The apple watch OS 5 series launched amazing health tracking apps which are quite operational and give you the opportunity to keep tabs on your changing health all the time. In this cycle tracking app, you have to enter your cycle days and log them off too. It keeps track of your health by confirming the symptoms and all. Apple watch series 5 rumors are going around the market that the personal information you entered is not safe with the company. But apple`s cycle tracking app is secure and privacy is the first priority of the company.

Apple Watch Series 5 announcement: Key details in 3 minutes


The noise app is another feature in the health apps category in watch OS 5. This app will let you know how much noise at that moment is being produced in the environment. It shows it in A-weighted decibels. You can set up the noise app in settings of your watch and you can add it to the complications of your watch OS 5 screen. This enables to know at what sound level are you present only at a glance.
Also, you can track your activity trends in Apple watch OS 5 as it was announced on the apple watch 5 release date. You have yoga, workout, cycling and apps like these to remain active and engaged. Also, you are kept updated with the weather conditions and temperature all the time.

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On the apple watch 5 release date, it was announced that the watch will be available in two new colors and materials as they are ceramic and titanium finish options. The apple watch OS 5 is available in assorted forms. The materials in which the watch OS 5 is available in the market are aluminium, ceramic, stainless steel and the very new titanium. The larger 44 mm watch is available in $429 and with LTE service it is for $520.

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The health and fitness apps, such as ECG, Noise app and the cycle tracking apps are the main feature of watch series OS 5 as announced on the watch OS 5 release date. Although, some of these features were also there in the watch OS 3 and 4. The version of watch as 3 is upgradeable to OS 5 and you can enjoy some of the features of that too.


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